Feb 26, 2010

Cover Art--from Rachel Vincent

Rachel gave the okay to post the cover for the third installment in her Soul Screamers series so I decided to post said cover. Liking the purple this year! My Soul to Keep is set to release on June 1, 2010 as you can see by my calendar on the right. Can't wait to read it. I don't know if we're allowed to post the BOC. So I won't. Newsletter subscribers have already had the chance to read it, but again since Rachel didn't really wanted this posted yet, but gave the okay anyway I won't go further than this.

She also said on her blog, that the cover still might have some minor tweaks, it's not the official cover. There is still to be a quote somewhere on the front as well.

Jess over at Book Reviews by Jess, mentioned something about her arm looking weird, I didn't see it at first but now I do. It's hard to explain...anyone else see it or are we just seeing something weird because we're Jessicas? ;)

EDIT: Jess talked to Rachel at some point and I just want to make it clear again that the cover here isn't final. The arm is one thing they expect to work on before publishing.

IMO her face looks different than the first two as well, maybe that one's just me. But she looks younger or something.

Can't wait til June though, this one sounds really good and apparently the word awhile back was that this one was darker. Ooh I love the dark side! ;)

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