Apr 12, 2010

Review--Blood of the Demon


Welcome to the world of Kara Gillian, a cop with a gift. Not only does she have the power of "othersight" to see what most people can't even imagine, but she's become the exculsive summoner of a demon lord. Or maybe it's the other way around. The fact is, with two troublesome cases on her docket and a handsome FBI agent under her skin, Kara needs the help of sexy, insatiable Lord Rhyzkahl more than he needs her. Because these two victims, linked by suspicious coincidence, haven't just been murdered. Something has eaten their souls.

It's a case with roots in the arcane, but whose evil has flowered among the rich, powerful, and corrupt in Beaulac, Louisiana. And as the killings continue, Kara soon realizes how much there's still to learn about demons, men, and things that kill in the night--and how little time she has to learn it.

WOW! I thought Mark of the Demon was good, but Blood of Demon was even better! Took me a little while to read it because I actually had time off this weekend, a scary thing since I'm used to spending my weekends at work. Anyway, the sequel was definitely a hit!

It pretty much picks up where Mark of the Demon left off, but a few months later and what a surprise another case awaits Kara that deals with something from the arcane. Living in Louisiana where the voodoo magic makes its home, you would think there would be more cases like these. Anyway, Kara is assigned to a case that is a lot more complicated then it first appears to be. When she discovers a fellow officer dead in his home, she thought it was a suicide but a closer look led her to discover otherwise, his essence was missing, just gone!

Soon the case blows way out of proportion and another similar case pops up and Kara takes this on as well sensing a connection, but can't figure out what it is yet other than that both victims are missing their essence. But more problems occur and Kara must relinquish one of the cases because of the work load, Kara doesn't understand why, but rolls with it.

Kara deals a lot more with the arcane and demons this time around, being a summoner and all. She is still trying to find a way to bring Tessa's essence back to her body since it is simply missing. She also has to figure out how to get into Tessa's heavily warded library to research what kind of demon eats the essence of people for that is what has happened. Essence just doesn't disappear after death, it gradually fades away.

Kara's relationships with her friends and...others also develop more and in very interesting ways. Ryan is still a constant friend and he's in town longer for work related reasons, something about him being transferred permanently. From the first book there has been a spark between the two and it continues to be there with rather slow developments and I must admit that I like it this way. Too often the heroine falls for the hero too soon, this is a more gradual relationship because we know Kara likes him and through Ryan's actions we infer this as well.

Other surprises occur along the way as well. Rhyzkahl returns with a request of Kara, one that she's not sure she should commit to yet and Ryan does not seem happy about this decision either. What's even more interesting is Ryan himself. Some intriguing questions arise about him that he either can't or won't answer just yet. Hopefully yet, Kara discovers something towards the end that sheds a little more light onto the situation, but still leaves many more questions. There is another thing that is hard to describe without giving away a spoiler that reveals itself about Ryan's character as well. Overall Ryan is a very interesting guy.

The mystery aspect was still awesome, this time I really didn't see any of it coming. Perhaps it was because I stretched the book out too long when reading. Oh well. It was definitely very interesting with many twists and turns. The twists and turns weren't even confusing, you can follow it easily, but still I didn't quite catch on until Kara started explaining things to Ryan once she figured it all out.

There are many more surprises in this book, but revealing them would again be giving away spoilers. The book was surprising--in a good way--is all I can really say.

The romance was little in the book, perhaps another reason why I liked it. There was definitely romantic tension at several points, but there is still a strange relationship happening with Kara and Rhyzkahl, I can't determine how true his feelings are and neither can Kara for we all know demons lie.

I'm really looking forward to the next installment of this series. Which I can't find anything info on yet, but will post once I do. Tomorrow I attempt to start Kelley Armstrong's The Reckoning. I know I'm going out of order from my TBR list, but I am dying to read this one!

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