Apr 18, 2010

Review--The Devil's Playground

Morgan Kingsley, a kick-ass exorcist, can deal with Lugh, the supersexy demon living inside of her, but does he have to moan softly during her intimate moments with her mortal lover? Understandably, Brian is reluctant to share the pleasures of Morgan's flesh with a gorgeous rogue from the Demon Realm.

But personal matters will have to wait when the opportunistic owner of the Seven Deadlies demon club in Philadelphia enlists Morgan's help in heading off a crisis: It seems that demons have started showing up at the hot spot in alarming numbers and in the unwilling bodies of rough trade club-goers. Morgan is sure that Dougal, Lugh's sworn enemy, is behind this, but why? To find out, Morgan must summon every ounce of power at her command--or risk becoming just another casualty in al all-out demon war.

This is IT! The final book in the Morgan Kingsley series. The Devil's Playground finally concludes Morgan's adventures of hosting the former demon king, Lugh. It was quite pleasing. Sure it doesn't quite have the concrete ending you might expect, but it is the end according to Jenna.

It was still fabulous, I mean if a series is going to end, it has to go out with a BANG! And this one did. Morgan and her friends are now facing D-Day, in some aspects. More demons are coming to the Mortal Plain without permission and into unwilling hosts. This has to be stopped and Morgan along with Lugh and their friends are the only ones who can prevent the end of the world. Or at least a world overrun with demons possessing people.

Everyone is here who should be here, Barbie, Saul, Andy, Raphael, Dom, Adam, Brian and of course Morgan and Lugh. The characters are very entertaining and their relationships with one another are well developed. Not all the relationships are happy and that's what makes them so entertaining. The bickering between Raphael and...everyone! always earns a chuckle. As well as the quirks between Dom and Adam.

Of course let's not forget the big issue here that this is the book where everything must come to an end. Lugh and Dougal will finally battle it out and the winner will naturally be the king of the demon world. But the plans keep getting muddled and new plans must be made more than once.

I don't want to get into too many details because it does have mystery elements and I don't want to spoil anything for you readers. But a lot happens, secrets unravel, jealousies, murder, mayhem, you know, the usual.

The ending doesn't disappoint either. Where there are the elements from above there are still many surprises along the way that are quite shocking, but not overly so. I don't want to come off too dramatic.

Overall the ending was satisfying even with a few lingering what if's or other would-be scenarios. But it's nothing that you lose any sleep over, it's just something you have to accept like Morgan. does.

I've enjoyed this series, there are only so many series out there that deal with demons and I think that this one dealt with them rather well. We got to see that demons are not all so bad, some are, dare I say, humane? Well, some are. They have some very natural human-like instincts so they are not total monsters, but a few of those bad ones still exist to balance the mix.

Morgan developed wonderfully as a character, there were times when you wanted to strangle her for being so single-minded, but with good reason, about demons, but her perspective has changed a lot over the past 5 books. She's become a more understanding and accepting person, a thing which all people--real or fictional--should do.

The romance in the book was not overly done either, another plus for the urban fantasy fan. Not so much for the paranormal lover. There were a few sexual tension scenes, but not a lot of "other" scenes. Brian as the BOC says has troubles dealing with Lugh wanting Morgan and another thing. Won't go further into that. ;)

I think it's safe to say that all the characters overcome something in this finale. Everyone had a problem or something to concur and their struggles are well noted. Again, I don't want to go further into that either. But it was very engaging and the ending as I said was satisfying with just few lingering questions, but none that will keep you up at night.

I don't know what Jenna has in store for us readers next other than her debut YA release that comes out next month, Glimmerglass. That should be interesting, as for her next adult series, I don't know much. Will post when I know as usual.

Stay reading readers!

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