May 26, 2010

Review--Abandon the Night


Quentin Fielding had everything. Money. Power. Women. But now that civilization is all but annihilated, Quent wants only one thing: revenge. Harnessing a strange new "gift", he embarks on a deadly mission to find the man he should have killed years ago: his father. Only one thing stands in his way--a mysterious, arrow-wielding beauty...

Zoe Kapoor is on her own quest for vengeance, searching for the monstrous fiends who murdered her family. Soon she and Quent join together, journeying through the ruins of the world they once knew as a desperate desire builds between them. Drawing closer to an enemy they never imagined, Zoe and Quent must abandon all fear, abandon all regret, abandon the night...

I guess part of the problem began when I realized that this was the third book in Joss Ware's new series. Abandon the Night is book 3 in her apocalyptic world series...don't really know what the name of it is.

I've read her other books she wrote under Colleen Gleason, the Gardella Vampire Chronicles and enjoyed them for a historical paranormal romance feel. But I just couldn't get too into this book for some reason. I kept reading it because I hate stopping a book, I almost never do that. Really I can't recall a time I did. Maybe a book for school...

If you really like paranormal romance then this book is likely for you. Maybe that's why I didn't enjoy it so much. I'm an urban fantasy girl, heavy on the story line and action with romance on the side. The romance here was constant almost. For the BOC mentions the two MCs and upon reading, within the first chapter or two, you learn that they already know each other and are already in some kind of relationship. Mostly just sex, but still, they aren't strangers. Quent recalls when they first meet and whatnot, but I thought they would be meeting and then falling in love based on the BOC. Sorry if that was spoiler like, but as I said you learn this really early on.

The storyline itself was pretty interesting. The world hasn't really ended just a lot of people have died but there are an elite race of humans with this crystal like thing inside of them that makes them invincible or something. It was strange. Not everyone, like our characters, is dying for this immortality.

Zoe is dying for revenge and of course the man she is after somehow ties back to Quent's need for revenge as well. It was a nicely done twist or mixture, whatever you want to call it. There were some zombies, but not too many. And then they were killed pretty quickly too each and every time.

So I guess what didn't work for me was the constant romance parts, there were more than I usually find in my urban fantasy reads, so that could be part of the reason why I wasn't enthralled with the book and possibly because it's book 3. There are likely to be 5 books since the BOC mentions 5 men who come across the world anew with certain powers. Don't know if I'll ever venture to those books to be honest.

Did some shopping today and got more books. Will get my last one on the way to work. So now I'm off to start Stacia Kane's Unholy Ghosts! From what Stacia said the other day on BBB, it's gonna be good!

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