Sep 7, 2010

Contest Reminder--ARCs at Babbling Flow

I can't remember if I posted about this contest before, but here is yet another reminder. Over at Babbling Flow there is this HUGE, totally AWESOME, AMAZING contest to win a ton of books! And some are ARCs!!

Some titles include Beautiful Creatures and Beautiful Darkness, Nightshade, Rot and Ruin, The Unidentified, Ranger's Apprentice, The Goblin Gate, Jane, and The Winds of Heaven.

So many books! And only a handful of winners. You can pretty much guess which one I want to win as it's the book I talk about most when it comes to contests. Just found out I lost on another chance to win. :(

Anyway, this contest is INTERNATIONAL! And there are only 2 DAYS left to enter! Contest will end at midnight on September 8, 2010!

And if you're like me and really, Really, REALLY want to win one of these titles you can do some extra things to earn extra points. Such as a blog post +5 points, an exclusive blog post +7 points and tweeting: Win ARCs! Beautiful Darkness! Nightshade! + 6 more!! Open International! Ends 9/8 at midnight! @saramcclung for +2 points

So hurry! Time is running out!!

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