Oct 10, 2010

Review--ARC Once in a Full Moon by Ellen Schreiber

Celeste Parker is used to hearing scary stories about werewolves -Legend's Run is famous for them. She's used to everything in the small town until Brandon Maddox moves to Legend's Run and Celeste finds herself immediately drawn to the handsome new student.

But when, after an unnerving visit with a psychic, she encounters a pack of wolves and gorgeous, enigmatic Brandon, she must discover whether his transformation is more than legend or just a trick of the shadows in the moonlight.

Her best friends may never forgive her if she gives up her perfect boyfriend, Nash, for Brandon, who's from the wrong side of town. But she can't deny her attraction or the strong pull he has on her. Brandon may be Celeste's hero, or he may be the most dangerous creature she could encounter in the woods of Legend's Run.

Psychic predictions, generations-old secrets, a town divided, and the possibility of falling in love with a hot and heroic werewolf are the perfect formula for what happens . . . once in a full moon.

I love NetGalley. I signed up some time ago and had yet to find a title that I wanted desperately to read and I finally found one this week! I was able to review an e-ARC of Once in a Full Moon by Ellen Schreiber, author of the Vampire Kisses series. I read the first 3 in that one, but haven't read further, at the time I was trying to read less YA, but now I think I will be returning to that eventually!

Having read Schreiber before I am familiar with her style, despite it having been a few years, but I enjoyed the book all the same. It was a rather quick read too. Another 1 dayer! But Celeste is a different girl than Raven. Not to compare the two novels or anything.

There are legends of werewolves Legend's Run, but no one ever really took them seriously let alone Celeste, that is until strange things start happening with the mysterious new boy. Celeste felt drawn to Brandon from the moment she saw him and then one night he even saves her life from a pack of wolves when she was walking home. That's when things really get complicated.

There was a sort of West Side Story theme going on here with the West side and the East side of town in Legend's Run. Westsiders were more of the rural area people and Eastsiders were slightly upper class. So when Celeste starts spending more time with Brandon she hides their relationship. Celeste wasn't overly conceded or worried about other people's opinions, she was a little, but not super much. She was a good character/person. She even stuck up for Brandon at times. There was some segregation at the high school where bother Westsiders and Eastsiders attended.

Another thing that I loved about Celeste was that she was an aspiring writer! She too kept a notebook with her just about everywhere at school and jotting down notes and ideas and sometimes the stories themselves. I sooo do this! I have maybe 4 or 5 notebooks from the past 4-5 years of filling pages with ideas for my writing or scenes and other little notes!

The werewolf part of the story becomes obvious based on the BOC info. I won't give it away, but as I said, when reading you figure it out pretty easily. It's the why's that are still puzzling. Soon wolves or possibly werewolves are being spotted all over Legend's Run and dogs are going missing. Celeste is sure that the werewolf sightings are not from her werewolf, but he isn't so sure.

I'm alluding info here, but you can easily guess even without my telling you, but still at least I can honestly say I didn't reveal the werewolf's identity directly, indirectly...yeah I probably did tell you.

There was a bit of young romance in here as well. Celeste has a popular boyfriend and great friends and they form a sixsome or whatever, 3 BFFs and their boyfriends--sixsome. Nash is an okay guy, a jock, sometimes he isn't the best boyfriend there is. Brandon is another story. You basically know who you're rooting for, there isn't a love triangle perse.

The ending was great too. Just as you think things are wrapping up for a HEA, there is a surprise. And that's all I will say on that matter!

Overall a very GREAT read! I really enjoyed it. It was a little too reminiscent of Vampire Kisses, but not overly so as I said. I give the book 4/5 stars! I would most likely read the next one too, should there be a sequel and I sincerely hope there is!

*I received this e-ARC from NetGalley for review by request
*The cover image and description were borrowed from Ellen Schreiber's website


  1. Netgalley = The Love of My Life. lol. Awesome review!

  2. Gotta love Netgalley! great review hon =D


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