Oct 29, 2020

Random Thursday


Let's just get right back to fun and bizarre animal facts from Shane Carley's True Facts that Sound Like Bull$#*t!


(image borrowed from Pixar Wiki)

Octopuses are incredibly smart and have great problem-solving skills. They have been known to escape their aquarium tanks to EAT other exhibits and some manage to escape captivity entirely! Aristotle once said that octopuses were stupid, so I guess he didn't know everything!

That's amazing how Pixar did their research so well! Just glad Hank didn't eat anyone!



(image borrowed from Encyclopedia Spongebobia)

Plankton and algae can produce more oxygen than trees.





(image borrowed from Disney Wiki)

There is a species of octopus that has detachable sexual organs. The male argonaut octopus mates by removing its sexual organ and flinging it at the female.The appendage makes its way inside the female to fertilize her eggs.

Oh, that just sounds weird!



(image borrowed from Top PNG)

Though they don't exist, the unicorn is the "national animal" of Scotland.

But really, do you have proof that they don't exist? ;)


(image borrowed from Encyclopedia Spogebobia)

Of the most venomous animals on earth, one of them is the snail! The geographic cone snail produces a venom that can paralyze its prey instantly.

Dude. Seriously?!

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