Oct 17, 2020

The Love Island Book Tag


I saw this tag over at Nick's The Infinite Limits of Love and thought it looked like a lot of fun! I did not know that this was a TV show! Lol. I'm not a reality TV show person. But I thought it would still be fun to do! I love these tag posts, though I know I could never do one on my own! I like being given prompts! Lol. This tag was created by Paige at Minimal Bookie. I also borrowed the above picture from Nick because, you know, it goes with the tag! Lol.

RECOUPLING: a book or author you want to give a second try

I started reading an ARC of Where Dreams Descend but couldn't get into it, so I marked it DNF. Well, I decided, eventually, I'm going to give it a second try. I think at the time I was so eager to get back to my TBR pile and it was my "last" review book at the time that since I wasn't immediately grabbed by it, I set it down. Well, I'm going to give it another try at some point!


I GOT A TEXT: a book someone recommended to you, on or offline

Down Comes the Night was recently put onto my radar, likely by a WoW! It sounded deeply intriguing, so I added it to my list right away!


MUGGED OFF: a book you get gripe for liking

Well, I don't know if you would call it "griped." But since pretty much EVERYONE HATED Allegiant and how it ended...I honestly didn't feel that way. No, I wasn't excited for what happened, but I didn't regret reading the entire series. I honestly started to see it coming what with the glaring hints and all! Lol.

FACTOR 50: a book that went hard, for your feels, with its content, it just did the absolute most for you

Tella was my girl! I loved this girl. Legendary had sooo many feels and the next one just increased all those feels!

GRAFTING: a book you've seen a lot of hype about that you now want to read

Well, I technically wanted to read Blood & Honey asap, but I ordered the Fairy Loot box and if you've ordered one of those too, you know they've been delayed. What with my book buying habits as of late, I could not justify buying a second copy. So wait I must. But the hype around it has been strong since last month! Lol.

SHOOT YOUR SHOT: a book you'd die to read early

Go big or go home right?

CASA AMOR: a book that romanced you into buying it even though you already have too many books to read or one you have your eye on

The latest one was A Deadly Education by Naomi Novik...yeah...that was totally impulsive!

HEAD'S BEEN TURNED: a book everyone should read right now even if they're in the middle of something else

Yeah I know, I know. I keep having the completely unbelievable idealistic hope that Gena might actually write the finale one day. And yeah, I know, once upon a time she had a brief paragraph outline for how the book would go. But that's since disappeared and it did not have all the answers, so I was left bereft. SOOOO if everyone bought this book and read this book and reviewed this book in ALL the places...then maybe it would get its finale! I've seen it happen before with another canceled series, so I live on this idealistic hope! LOL!

BANTER: a book that made you laugh or that you think is really well written

Wow. That's two totally different topics! Lol. I decided to go with the latest Charley Davidson book because these books always had me LOLing!!

ON PAPER: a book with all the qualities you love that you're looking forward to reading

Yeah I know. I'm wayyyyy behind! I was hoping to get an early copy of this one, but sadly that did not happen. Now I'm stuck in review limbo and am not sure when I will get to this one. Hopefully soonish...

Ba Bam! Another tag completed! Woohoo! I pretty much tag anyone who wants to do this tag! Whether you know of what show its based on or not. Because I seriously had no idea upon doing this! Lol!

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