May 16, 2009

Review--One Foot in the Grave

One Foot in the Grave

Okay if you haven't read the first book, don't continue reading this, for there will be some spoilers.

This second installment of the Night Huntress series takes place a few years after the first one. Cat has joined up with the special unit in the FBI and hunts down more of the bad vampires and other supernatural bad guys. Although she still cannot forget the vampire that she loved and left behind in order to protect; Bones.

It doesn't help that Tate, one of her men on her team is starting to show more affectionate feelings towards her. She doesn't want to be romantically involved with him, but he is determined to win her.

When Cat attends a wedding of one of her friends, who does she standing across from her on the groom's side. Why none other than Bones. Cat begins to panic, wondering how he was able to find her after so long.

But that is nowhere near the beginning of Cat's problems. Someone wants her dead. Permanently. And they're willing to pay big for it. Bones is there to protect the woman he loves who left him without a word.

Cat and Bones' relationship grows stronger than ever when an old flame comes to aid Cat at Bones' request. Cat learns some things about Bones' past. She is also introduced to a large group of vampires and takes part in an important ceremony among the vampires. She also comes face to face with her father.

While a whole lot more happens, I do not want to tell the whole story here. Even the last bit might have been too much of a spoiler, but never fear, I end my rambling here.

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  1. It sounds like there's more good action with bad vampires!


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