Sep 30, 2012

Stacking the Shelves

This weekly meme is hosted by Tynga's Reviews.

Stacking The Shelves is all about the books we are adding to our shelves each week, sharing with you our excitement for our newest titles and maybe have you discover a new book in the process!

It was a pretty slow week which wasn't a bad thing! I only got one book this week and it was one I won! So yay!

In a contest at Devon Monk's blog I was one of the lucky peeps to win:

Magic for a Price by Devon Monk (ARC)

Unfortunately it doesn't have the awesome cover, but at least I have a signed copy to read this week! I will likely buy the pretty copy once it releases just because Allie looks so bad ass! 

So what did you get?

Sep 29, 2012

Top 5 Sundays

Top 5 Sundays is a weekly blog meme created by Larissa at Larissa's Bookish Life.

Every Sunday I will post a TOP 5 list on the blog. It can be about anything and every week I'll have a new theme {You can vote on next week’s theme on my left sidebar!} and I will ad the Mr.Linky bellow the post so you can do a list with the theme and add you link to it.
1 - Write a post listing your TOP 5 choices within the theme I chose (or was chosen on a poll) for the week.
2 - Mention this Blog on the post and link back to it.
3 - Fell free to use the Feature's image (there is a smaller size version of it bellow)
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5 – If you don’t have a blog to post, just leave your list in the comments =)

This week's topic is: 2013 Sequels I'm Dying to Read!

*in no particular order

Wow this will be hard since I am still behind on my 2012 books! I haven't even gotten to Jeaniene or Rachel Vincent yet! Plus not many of my 2013 books have covers or descriptions yet! This may not be a very colorful Top 5!

by Jennifer L. Armentrout

No cover description or anything special. Just a release date. So can't wait to read more of Alex's adventures! Deity ends with a whopper! Releases April 9, 2013.

by Kim Harrison

So this is an early 2013 book I cannot wait to read! Finally read Kim's release from this year so I am psyched up and ready for January! The series is almost over I believe. Kim is about to start drafting book 13--this is book 11--and I can't remember how many she had planned. But I am pretty sure it's almost at its end. Releases January 22, 2013.

by Kathleen Peacock

So here I have nothing to go on! No title, no cover...nothing! Except the release date of June 2! I really enjoyed this first one and am super excited for the sequel! Releases June 2, 2013.

by Rachel Vincent

So yeah, still gotta read the last one but I cannot wait to read this one either! Since it's the series finale I am sure Rachel will make it go out with a bang! Releases March 19, 2013.

by C.C. Hunter

So can't wait for this one! The ending last time was heartbreaking for me. And the worst part is, I can't tell what Kylie might do in this one. Really only time will tell and I sooooo want to read this asap, so I can either get my tears over with soon or have my fears put at ease. It's all in Kylie's hands now! Releases April 2013.

And a very special pick because I really have no clue if this will release next year. I sincerely hope it does. My sanity depends on it!

by Gena Showalter

According to Goodreads, this bad boy comes out in June and it soooooooo better be right! I have been in agony over the end of Twisted. I am not fully confident yet in this release. As you can see there is no title, no cover art and not even a more final release date. Just a month a year doesn't bode well for me. But alas, Goodreads tells me it is going to be so. It better be right! Releases June 2013.

Review--Magic Without Mercy by Devon Monk

Allison Beckstrom’s talent for tracking spells has put her up against some of the darkest elements in the world of magic, but she’s never faced anything like this.

Magic itself has been poisoned, and Allie’s undead father may have left the only cure in the hands of a madman. Hunted by the Authority–the secret council that enforces magic’s laws–wanted by the police, and unable to use magic, she’s got to find the cure before the sickness spreads beyond any power to stop it.

But when a Death magic user seeks to destroy the only antidote, Allie and her fellow renegades must stand and fight to defend the innocent and save all magic…

Magic Without Mercy takes off with a hitch! Devon Monk really knows how to thrill an audience! As the series is drawing to a close, things are wrapping up but Allie and her friends are not out of the woods yet! Not even close!

War is coming. What with Leander and Isabella growing stronger and possessing people, Allie has more than her fair share of problems. She's still in a sort of shock from having to kill Bartholomew and plus she can't use magic since it makes her sick.

Right now magic is a problem itself. It's being poisoned and Allie and Shame and Zay and Terric are going to try to find out how it's being done and more importantly how to stop it and fix things so magic can be safe. But magic is already a danger to people. 

Everyone seems to be out to get Allie these days, the Authority, Jingo Jingo and now the human police. So naturally she goes in disguise, which sadly, the cover fails to show. But still the cover is awesome!

This was a rather quick read. I started it Thursday after another read became a DNF and finished it today! There's plenty of action going on. Well paced too. Nothing rushed, nothing drawing out. Things seem to be even steven. Yet there's still plenty of lol moments, "aww" moments and much more!

Things are coming to a head here as the series is wrapping up. The end gave us an epic showdown. I am curious to see how this series is going to end. I am going to miss Allie and Zay though! And Shame and Terric too! And the rest of course! I love Shame! He's hilarious. He says pretty much what is on his mind no matter how inappropriate it may be. That's what's lovable about Shame! He and Terric get into some close calls to in the big showdown! Devon will leave you gasping for breath!

Magic Without Mercy was a wonderful addition to the Allie Beckstrom series! It's so hard to say what happened without saying what happened in this one! With the series finale approaching, you pretty much need to have been there from the beginning to truly grasp everything that's happened. Even I am forgetting what's happened to date since I've been reading the series for years now! But this is really a series not to be missed! If you're looking for something different to read that falls slightly--and only slightly--out of the paranormal genre, but still having that kind of paranormal edge, this series is for you. There are no vampires or werewolves. Only magic wielders, but remember magic always comes with a price. If you want to use it, do it right, else magic uses you back!

Overall rating 4/5 stars

Sep 28, 2012

Follow Friday

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This week's question is: What is the BIGGEST word you’ve seen used in a book lately – that made you stop and look it up? Might as well leave the definition & book too.

MY ANSWER: I honestly can't remember. It's been awhile since I saw a word that has made me pause and it look it up. I think all the years of reading has helped strengthen my vocab.

Sep 27, 2012

Random Thursday

It's Thursday! Time for random thoughts!

Do you know what today also is? Besides September 27th?

You may have guessed it! If you said there's only 215 days to RT then you are RIGHT!! Yay!! Sorry, still gushing over my trip that I planned. It is likely going to be one of my last trips for awhile since it is pretty pricey.

But anyway moving on...check out the authors who are in attendance so far (this was as of last week when I downloaded the PDF, which took forever to do!):

Cherry Adair
C.T. Adams AKA Cat Adams
C.H. Admirand
Lara Adrian
Diane Alberts
Gennifer Albin
Kasi Alexander
Maria Alexander
Randi Alexander
Reggie Alexander
R.G. Alexander AKA Rachel Grace
Victoria Alexander
Sarah M. Anderson
Bella Andre
Josephine Angelini
Lenore Appelhans
Juliet Archer
Zoë Archer
Vivian Arend
Jennifer Armintrout
Kelley Armstrong
Artist Arthur
A.C. Arthur
Catherine Asaro
April Ash
Morgan Ashbury AKA Cara Covington
Katharine Ashe
Jennifer Ashley
Brodi Ashton
Christine Ashworth
Danica Avet
Louisa Bacio
Mary Balogh
Nina Bangs
Michele Bardsley
Leigh Bardugo
Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Gerry Bartlett
Jeanette Battista
Dana Marie Bell
Meg Benjamin
Jenna Bennett
Jennifer Bernard
Renee Bernard
ReShonda Tate
Lauren Bjorkman
Jenna Black
Shayla Black
Trinity Blacio
Jennifer Blake
Ashley Harrison
Sherrill Bodine
Karen Booth
Eden Bradley AKA Eve Berlin
Sarah Rees Brennan
Heather Brewer
Tracy Brogan
Sara Brookes
Anne Greenwood
Cassidy Browning
AKA Kasi & Reggie Alexander
Boone Brux
Darcy Burke
Joely Sue Burkhart
Marcella Burnard
Monica Burns
Grace Burrowes
Jaci Burton
Mary Burton
Jim Butcher (book fair only)
Shannon K. Butcher
Shirlee Busbee
Reece Butler
Catherine Bybee
Adrianne Byrd
Rhian Cahill
Rachel Caine
Anne Calhoun
Coreene Callahan
Mary Calmes
Erica Cameron
Marilyn Campbell
Marsha Canham
Rebecca Cantrell
Anna Carey
Jianne Carlo
Amanda Carlson
Cassandra Carr
Mari Carr
Robyn Carr
Ally Carter
Kiera Cass
Ann Charles
Tera Lynn Childs
Beth Ciotta
Cathy Clamp AKA Cat Adams
Maire Claremont
Alanna Coca
Kresley Cole
Phoebe Conn
Lynne Connolly
Kristi Cook
Karina Cooper
Zoraida Cordova
Lexxie Couper
Christina Courtenay
Starla Criser
Casey Crow
Melissa Cutler
Victoria Dahl
Claudia Dain
Lauren Dane
Joy Daniels
Bianca D’Arc
Lydia Dare AKA Ava Stone & Tammy Falkner
MaryJanice Davidson
Alyssa Day AKA Alesia Holliday
Sylvia Day
Zuri Day
Jess Dee
Tracy Deebs
Genella deGrey
Seleste deLaney
AKA Julie Particka
Kimberly Derting
D.J. De Smyter
Jude Deveraux
Delilah Devin
Lori Devoti
Saranna DeWylde
HeleKay Dimon
Lila DiPasqua
Cheryl Dragon
Isabelle Drake
Stephanie Draven
AKA Stephanie Dray
Vicky Dreiling
Debra Driza
Lila Dubois
Vivi Dumas
Nikki Duncan
Louisa Edwards
Barry Eisler
Anne Elizabeth
Peyton Elizabeth
Christy English
Jennifer Estep
Marianne Evans
Tammy Falkner
Lillie Finn
Renee Flagler
Joyee Flynn
Gayle Forman
PG Forte
Addison Fox
Angie Fox
Jacquelyn Frank
Mari Freeman
Jeaniene Frost
Caroline Fyffe
Shana Galen
Yasmine Galenorn
Kami Garcia
Julie Garwood
Eliza Gayle
David Macinnis Gill
Cole Gibsen
Christy Gissendaner AKA Robin Danner
Deeanne Gist
Abbi Glines
C.W. Gortner
Shelia M. Goss
Heather Graham
Donna Grant
Bronwyn Green
Chris Marie Green AKA Christine Cody
Kendall Grey
Traci Hall
Cynthia Hand
Lesley E. Hal
Joann Hali
Kacey Hammell
Caroline Hansen
Molly Harper
Daisy Harris
Liz Harris
Lynn Raye Harris
Rachel Harris
Rosemary Harris
Kaily Hart
Liliana Hart
Megan Hart
Marie Harte
Amanda Harvard
Jill Hathaway
Candace Havens
Rachel Hawthorne
Lorraine Heath
Virginia Henley
Leanna Renee
Lynda Hilburn
Sarah Hildreth
Joey W. Hill
Debra Hines
Cindy Holby AKA Kassy Tayler
Nancy Holder
Debra Holland
Tina Holland
Colleen Houck
Elizabeth Hoyt
Tara Hudson
Sara Humphreys
Barb Hunt
Justina Ireland
Alexandra Ivy
Brenda Jackson
Corinne Jackson
Ann Jacobs
Babette James
Cynthia James
Elle James
Kelly Jamieson
Amanda Jayde
Fiona Jayde
Sabrina Jeffries
S.R. Johannes
Cat Johnson
Maureen Johnson
Suzanne Johnson
Darynda Jones
Sophie Jordan
Stephanie Julian
Skylar Kade
Stacey Kade
Naleighna Kai
Samantha Kane
Laura Kaye
Susanna Kearsley
Isabo Kelly
Sahara Kelly
Vanessa Kelly
Janette Kenny
Beth Kery
AKA Bethany Kane
Jackie Morse Kessler
Lisa Kessler
Kimberly Killion
Caitlin Kittredge
Angela Knight
Eliza Knight
Donna Knoell
Elizabeth J.Kolodziej
Kieran Kramer
Stephanie Kuehnert
Tara Lain
Melissa Landers
Amy Lane
Kimberly Lang
Andrea Laurence
Corrina Lawson
Suzanne Lazear
Kim Law
Lizzie Leaf
Jade Lee
AKA Kathy Lyons
Jessica Lee
Kelly Lee
Roz Lee
Lora Leigh
Mary Leo
Ann Lethbridge
Jeannie Lin
Sophie Littlefield
Carrie Lofty
Laurie London
Kathleen Long
Barbara Longley
Lynn Lorenz
Kathy Love
Lutishia Lovely
Gennita Low
Samantha Lucas
Carol Lynne
Jennifer Lynne
Tracey J. Lyons
Sarah MacLean
Kate Maddison
Mary Manners
Deb Marlowe
Mia Marlowe
Melissa Marr
Tracy Marsh
Kat Martin
Delilah Marvelle
Lissa Matthews
Z.A. Maxfield
Cathy Maxwell
Gina Leigh Maxwell
Ann Mayburn
Bob Mayer
Belinda McBride
Georgia McBride
Trish McCallan
Erin McCarthy
Myra McEntire
Maureen McGowan
Jamie McGuire
Amanda McIntyre
Emily McKay
Gretchen McNeil
Hildie McQueen
Richelle Mead
Marliss Melton
Christine Merrill
Theresa Meyers
Trista Ann Michaels
Cait Miller
Karen Miller
Dawn Rae Miller
Raine Miller
Ella Monroe AKA Maz Rauber & Amy Reingold
Marla Monroe
Sue Moorcroft
Donna Russo Morin 
Nancy Naigle
Elisabeth Naughton
Laura Navarre
Chloe Neill
Diane Nelson
Erin Nicholas
Lea Nolan
Constance O’Banyon
CJ Omololu
Sharon Page
Kristen Painter
Brynn Paulin
Kate Pearce
A. Scott Pearson
Nicole Peeler
Robin Perini
Stephanie Perkins
Andrew Peterson
Vicki Pettersson
Kathleen Pickering
Aprilynne Pike
Michelle Pillow
Caridad Piñeiro
Allie Pleiter
Amy Plum
Jennifer Probst
Kate Quinn
Berinn Rae
Theresa Ragan
Anne Rainey
Sara Ramsey
Deena Remiel
Beth Revis
Lani Rhea
Kat Richardson
Karen Robards
Katee Robert
James Rollins
Shawna Romkey
Elle J Rossi
Nico Rosso
Mandy Roth
Veronica Roth
Robin L. Rotham
Gerri Russell
Roxanne Rustand
Carrie Ryan
Jayne Rylon
Lara Santiago
Eve Savage
Lacey Savage
HK Savage
Susanne Saville
PJ Schnyder
Robin Schone
Hillary Seidl
Lizbeth Selvig
Marie Sexton
Sherri Shackelford
Jill Shalvis
Lisa Shearin
Renee Shumate
Pat Simmons
Kira Sinclair
Linnea Sinclair
Christina Skye
Bertrice Small
Bobbi Smith
Faith V. Smith
Maureen Smith
Jeri Smith-Ready
Heather Snow
J.A. Souders
Kerrelyn Sparks
Elisabeth Staab
*lizzie starr
Roxanne St. Claire
Jeanne C. Stein
Marianne Stephens AKA April Ash
Keri Stevens
K.A. Stewart
Jennifer St. Giles AKA J.L. Saint/Jennifer Saints
Trixie Stilletto
Cheryl St. John
Margaret Stohl
Ava Stone
Tamara Ireland
Damon Suede
Sandy Sullivan
Sasha Summers
Joan Swan
Denise Grover Swank
Julia Talbot
Jen Talty
Janelle Taylor
Kassy Tayler
Candis Terry
Kimberly Kaye Terry
Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
Valerie Tibbs
BA Tortuga
Kris Tualla
Marian Vere
AKA Julianna Scott
Debbie Viguie
Rachel Vincent
Deanna Wadsworth
Shiloh Walker
Joss Ware AKA Colleen Gleason
Evonne Wareham
Debra Webb
Peggy Webb
Wendy Webb
Jaye Wells
Diane Davis White
Liia Ann White
Emma Wildes AKA Kate Watterson
Renee Wildes
Beth Williamson AKA Emma Lang
Caitlyn Willows AKA Catherine Snodgrass
JL Wilson
L.A. Witt
AKA Lauren Gallagher
Laurin Wittig
Sheri Lewis Wohl
Lani Woodward
Cynthia Wright
Maisey Yates
Natalie Zaman
Sara Zarr

This is going to be FUN!