Jan 16, 2022

Stacking the Shelves


Stacking the Shelves is all about sharing the books you are adding to your shelves, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts, and of course ebooks! The meme is now hosted by Reading Reality.


The first full week of the year was pretty slow. Which since I'm still trying to learn at my new job wasn't a bad thing. It does make the day go a little slower though, but I'm told things will pick up again sooner than I know it! So there's that. Hopefully I'll feel more confident in my role by then! As far as books go, this was a slowish week for them too. Though I admit I did a little too much online shopping the last few days, resulting in bigger than I would've liked purchases. Lol. But as I said in a tweet yesterday I'll wince when I get the bill, but be happy in a month or two when I get the items already paid for! I'm usually pretty good with my money but every once in awhile I break a little loose...and then it hits all at once like it did this week! 


Anyway, here's what I got this week:



A Twist of Fate by Kelley Armstrong--SIGNED, numbered edition!

Our Violent Ends by Chloe Gong--SIGNED Fairy Loot edition

Then I won the December Discussion Challenge giveaway and received my choice of any 2021 release and I picked one I didn't get around to buying when it came out:

Havoc by Mary Lindsey


Then one of my blogging friends passed along a Caraval print she didn't care for and I received that! Tella was my favorite sister, so I quite liked this piece!


Then I received my preorder gift for The Righteous! They were a set of book art overlays. They're really pretty and I'm trying to figure out the best way to display them...

THANK YOU Penguin Teen!!

And that was it for me this week! I got far more than I thought I would so it was all good! What did you get this week?

Jan 14, 2022

Book Blogger Hop



This meme is hosted by Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addict!


This week's question is: Do you have any bookish posters/artwork on your walls? (submitted by Penelope @ The Reading Devil)


MY ANSWER: Yes! Yes I do!

 Here I have my Touch of Magic Designs Cupcake pin banner then my poster of the original book cover for Jennifer L. Armentrout's Origin!

*the middle sign while not bookish, is in fact regards to my books (and a few other things). I'm verrrrrrry particular about my babies! Lol.

Above my desk I have my poster from Marie Rutkoski and a quote from her Winner's Curse trilogy! It's also signed but you can't tell in this light since she used a silver sharpie

Two pin/button banners that are all bookish related

Then two little art prints that are bookish as well, the left says: Read to Escape Reality, Write to Embrace It. The right one says: The World Belongs to Those Who Read

I've a Phantom Rim poster of Audrey Rose and Thomas Cresswell!

Then I have a painting of Belle and the Beast reading together--painted by Paige O'Hara!

Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover art print

Then a book cover post of Oblivion by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Then a banner from the ACOTAR trilogy that says: Remember That You Are A Wolf And You Cannot Be Caged

And finally I have a poster of the end pages from the original hardcover of Fairest, it's also signed by Marissa Meyer, but she used a black sharpie, so you can't see it too well either. Should've had both authors switch sharpies on those! Lol.

To the left is the cover art to Rachel Caine's first Weather Warden novel, signed by her and the cover artist. I originally backed her project to write a new Weather Warden novel and this was a gift from my tier, sadly, she had to cancel the project when she took ill before passing.

And that is all the art I have on display on my walls! 

Jan 13, 2022

Random Thursday

Time for another exciting installment in the world of sports with True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t by Shane Carley!

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Did you know that Jay Berwanger was the very first pick in the first NFL draft, yet he never played a single game in the league? He never signed with a team due to salary concerns and a desire to play in the Olympics.

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Did you know that Gary Lineker pooped his pants during a game in the 1990 World Cup? Despite the situation, Lineker actually stayed in the game.

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

During his lifetime, Wilt Chamberlain claimed to have slept with 20,000 women. Whether it's true or not, is unknown.

(image borrowed from Biography)

Did you know that Kobe Bryan's parents had to co-sign his first NBA contract? He was drafted straight after high school and wasn't quite 18 at the time!

That's wild! And it made me so sad to read this since it's almost 2 years since his death.

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

Alvin Dark, an MLB manager, once said, "There'll be a man on the moon before (Pitcher) Gaylord Perry hits a home run." Perry hit his first home run less than an hour after Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon! Whether this is a true story or not, Dark has never denied it.

Jan 12, 2022

Can't Wait Wenesday


Can't-Wait Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted at Wishful Endings, to spotlight and discuss the books we're excited about that we have yet to read. It's based on Waiting on Wednesday, hosted by the fabulous Jill at Breaking the Spine.



With the sweeping romance of Passenger and the dark fantasy edge of This Savage Song, this standout YA contemporary fantasy debut from Vanessa Len, is the first in a planned trilogy.

It should have been the perfect summer. Sent to stay with her late mother’s eccentric family in London, sixteen-year-old Joan is determined to enjoy herself. She loves her nerdy job at the historic Holland House, and when her super cute co-worker Nick asks her on a date, it feels like everything is falling into place.

But she soon learns the truth. Her family aren’t just eccentric: they’re monsters, with terrifying, hidden powers. And Nick isn’t just a cute boy: he’s a legendary monster slayer, who will do anything to bring them down.

As she battles Nick, Joan is forced to work with the beautiful and ruthless Aaron Oliver, heir to a monster family that hates her own. She’ll have to embrace her own monstrousness if she is to save herself, and her family. Because in this story...she is not the hero.


This one sounds super intriguing! I love a story that shines possible villains in a different light. Those morally gray characters make for entertaining reading!



TITLE: Only a Monster
AUTHOR: Vanessa Len

GENRE: YA Paranormal
RELEASE DATE: February 22, 2022

Jan 11, 2022

Teaser & Top Ten Tuesdays


Teaser Tuesday is a weekly feature hosted by Purple Princess of The Purple Booker

Here are the rules:

1. Grab your current read
2. Open to a page
3. Pick out 2 lines that are SPOILER FREE
4. Name the title, author, etc.


"'Where do you think he got the idea? He seems sincerely sorry. If he's not, Kee will eat him alive. Either way, she gets cookies.'" p 118*

*Quote comes from the ARC, therefore it and its page number are not final.







TITLE: Hunt the Stars
AUTHOR: Jessie Mihalik

PUBLISHER: Harper Voyager
RELEASE DATE: February 1, 2022

Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and The Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together. 


This week's topic is: Top Ten Twelve Most Recent Additions to My Book Collection


*in no particular order, though I did try to arrange them as close to chronologically gained as possible! At least by week! ;) Also did not count review books.


12. RAVAGE THE DARK by Tara Sim
11. LEGENDARY by Stephanie Garber--SPANISH edition
10. GILDED by Marissa Meyer--Fairy Loot edition
9. DEFY THE STARS by Claudia Gray

8. CARAVAL by Stephanie Garber--SPANISH edition!
7. CROSSBONES by Kimberly Vale
5. KING OF BATTLE AND BLOOD by Scarlett St. Clair

4. KINGDOM OF THE CURSED by Kerri Maniscalco--Fairy Loot edition
3. ECHOES AND EMPIRES by Morgan Rhodes
2. THE RIGHTEOUS by Renee Ahdieh
1. IN EVERY GENERATION by Kendare Blake