Jul 10, 2009

Review--Wicked Resurrection

The WICKED series is BACK!!!

After a 6 long year wait, Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie have come back to complete their Wicked series with this final and epic novel! While I'm sad to see the series ending I am glad there is finally a conclusion to the last book!

I originally read the series when the books first came out which were:

Wicked Witch

Wicked Curse

Wicked Legacy
Wicked Spellbound

The books were a great read. Since I'm here mostly to discuss Resurrection, I will just briefly mention the other books. In these we meet the characters and the start of the war between witch and warlock clans begins. As the discovery of the girls finding out they were witches.

But back to the book at hand, Resurrection continues where Spellbound left off. Holly is working with Alex, who as we know isn't who he says he is. Yet Holly doesn't know this at all. She thinks he's a great guy.

The war is still brewing despite Michael's death. There are still other enemies to consider. There are still more deaths to be seen, deaths of loved ones. And the title Resurrection also has in its own part in the storyline--enough said!

But overall--not wanting to discuss the plot too much because then it would be like a book report/summary--the book was great! The characters remain true to their selves. I have missed reading these books. There were some slow points, such as the flashbacks to the past. But they serve their purpose. The changing of p.o.v. is still fresh and enjoyable. At times though, I wanted to get back into character x's mind but we had to be in character's c point of view. There is a lot of jumping around as well, but that was seen in the other books as well, so it was no hindrance to understanding the novel.

Wicked Resurrection
is a great conclusion to the series. I was happy with the ending. There are several surprises that will be had by all Wicked readers.

The other four books in the series can be bought in 2 volumes now known as Wicked and Wicked 2, with the other titles listed below Wicked.

Fans of YA and witches, magic, sorcery, time travel, romance, action and so much more will adroe these books. I had become addicted by book 1 and was devastated upon hearing the series was canceled at book 4, with all the cliffhangers that it had. I was ecstatic to hear that the series was continuing with one final book where all those cliffhangers are answered/resolved. So if you were like me and read the books 6 years ago, you must return and finish the series. And if you're new to the series you must start it soon! You won't be disappointed if you like all or some of the things I mentioned in this paragraph. And you have the plus side of having the series right in front of you! No waiting for the next book like I had to do!!

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