Sep 16, 2009

Did you hear?

I just read on Jeaniene Frost's Live Journal account that Melissa Marr's Wicked Lovely is going to be made into a movie!!! Here is a link to an article that Jeaniene linked onto her journal.

I think this would be a great movie because out of the three books Melissa had, this one was my top fave! I am also excited to see what her new adult series will be like. Still haven't come across much info regarding that one.

This movie according to the article will be made by Universal Studies. The article was a good read, questioning as to see if Faeries are the next big hit since vampires, since the storyline vaguely-VAGUELY resembles Twilight.

But really this is all the same in a way, we have a high school girl who ends up getting involved with something supernatural. Blood and Chocolate predates both of those BOOKS and in its BOOK form, it's about a high school girl who's a werewolf dealing with werewolf things and falling in love with a human. So the whole theme shouldn't be a tired one, since it's been around for awhile before Twilight.

And the emphasis on BOOKS is because the movies and the books differ in great amounts, especially concerning Blood and Chocolate. ;)

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