Jun 24, 2009


The BEST in the series so far!!!

Just finished Rachel Vincent's Prey today and it is by the far my favorite book in her series so far!! When Rachel says that this is the book where everything changes for Faythe--she's absolutely right!!

From my previous post you already get the back of the book summary, which does a VERY good job at giving you an idea as to what happens in the book without giving too many spoilers.

Well to add a little to that summary and leaving out spoilers--and this book is filled with them!--I'll give a little more insight to the book.

When we open up Faythe is on her way with Manx, Des, Ethan, and Vic to go to Manx's trial while making a stop in Mississippi to get extra security on the way. Yes, Marc joins his fellow old Pride members and assists them on their trip. It had been a long time or what felt like a REALLY long time since Faythe got to see Marc, so they had a joyous reunion. Of course what would a joyous reunion be without a little mayhem??

Trouble occurs almost immediately upon the trip when the gang is back together again, but that is only where the trouble starts. As the back of the book says Marc is missing. Days later, when Faythe returns home and is trying to convince Kaci to Shift, who refuses, she learns that Marc is missing and there was blood in his house. Fear takes place in Faythe's heart but she never once gives up hope.

Soon she and her fellow Pride members return to Mississippi to track down Marc and his kidnappers and bring him home. But this trip is harder than ever to be expected. No sooner had Faythe started and was taking down leads she is called home again to hear the Kaci is still not well and refuses to Shift. Faythe is torn between her duties but eventually makes the decision to return home briefly with her brother while the others continue the search for Marc.

This is where all the serious SPOILERS start and I don't even want to try to discreetly walk around them because there really is no way to do so. Let's just say things get really, really tough for Faythe and her Pride members.

On another note while searching for Marc Faythe and the others (Vic, Ethan, and Dan) make a shocking discovery that they discover becomes a part in the battle brewing between Malone and Greg Sanders, Faythe's dad. As Pride showed us Malone is rallying his allies in order to throw Greg off the head of the council and the political war grows stronger in Prey and will likely continue on in Rachel's next book, currently titled Shift. Which has a tentative release date for March 2010--which is way too long of a wait if you ask me.

Once you've read it and are wanting to talk about it, like I am!, head over to Rachel's discussion board, The Pride and click on the appropriate thread, which would be Prey, and feel free to talk about whatever issues in the book or series that you feel like. The members over there, which I am also apart of, are real nice and friendly too. So come on over, we don't bite...much!

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