Jun 10, 2010

Cover Art--Victoria Laurie

Was just browsing a variety of author websites and I went to Victoria Laurie's, because I am a big fan of her Psychic Eye and Ghost Hunter Mystery series. Both are fabulous.

Her next Psychic Eye starring Abby Cooper comes out July 6, and is called A Glimpse of Evil.

But mostly I came here to post about her Ghost Hunter series, the next book has been titled and a cover is up. Although, lately when I try to post pics from her website, they have a tendency to disappear on me.

So here's a link to her website to see the cover. It's really cool in my opinion. Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls comes out possibly only December 28, 2010! According to Amazon.

From the little pic that you can see on the website, it looks pretty cool. It sticks with the same themes as the last books did. And after the way Ghouls Gone Wild ended, I am so happy that I can get a second dose of Ghost Hunter Mysteries this year. Now if I will still be able to read it in one day is another story. *Crossing my fingers that I will have a job by then*

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