Oct 7, 2009


Being the world's only female werewolf has its advantages, such as having her pick of the Otherworld's most desirable males. Elena Michaels couldn't have picked a more dangerously sexy and undying loyal mate than Clayton Danvers. Now their bond will be put to the ultimate test as they follow a bloody trail of gruesome slayings deep into Alaska's frozen wilderness.

There's nothing the werewolf community dislikes more than calling attention to itself. So when a pair of rogue man-eaters begin hunting humans, it's up to Elena and Clayton to track down the predators. But any illusions that their task would be simple are quickly dispelled. For even in werewolf terms, there's something very disturbing taking place in the dark Alaskan forests. A werewolf more wolf than human and more unnatural than supernatural is on the hunt--a creature whose origins seem to spring from ancient legends of the shape-shifting Wendigo.

And if that wasn't bad enough Clayton and Elena find themselves confronting painful ghosts from their pasts--and an issue neither of them is eager to discuss. For one of them has been chosen to become the new Pack leader, and as every wolf knows, there can be only one Alpha. They've always been equals in everything. Now, when their survival depends more than ever on perfect teamwork, will instinct allow of them to lead...and the other to follow?

FINALLY finished Frostbitten and I was not disappointed. I loved it! I so missed seeing Elena and Clay again, I really didn't think she'd return for a long while. This story was great! It's nice to see Elena and Clay on good terms, although they've been on good terms since the end of Bitten, so that shouldn't be much of a surprise!

Well as cover jacket says Elena and Clay are off to the wilds of Alaska dealing with new enemies that are a real pain in the you-know-what. Women are being murdered and raped, so it's no surprise what's going on. Only there are still several surprises to be had. There is more than one supernatural creature in Alaska as the jacket describes and it was fascinating!

I don't want to divulge too much into it, but the Wendigo legend wasn't new to me, so I loved seeing something that isn't normally seen in my collection of reading. It was cool. And having read Men of the Otherworld earlier this year, really helped me understand the back story behind some characters that came into the scene. It's mentioned in the book, so if you haven't read Men of the Otherworld yet, don't panic. I think that comes out in paperback next April too, in case people were waiting for that version.

It's hard to think of Elena as a mother since Broken, even reading her Twitter story seemed unreal. I was like wow, she really is a mom now. But that doesn't effect her character much in the story. She's not soccer mom fighting crime. In fact the twins stay at home for the adventure she and Clay have in Alaska. Even those Twitter events pop up which I found to be exciting.

There was one problem that I was left wondering about, but I won't mention it. It wasn't really brought up afterward anyway, so I wonder if I missed something. Possible, since it took me so long to read it! Darn school.

A lot of the characters from the Otherworld pop up towards the end too, so it was nice to see the whole gang together again! Well, most of the gang anyway!

Back on target, Elena is a very strong character and I love that about her. She has been through a lot, according to her history, and more just keeps happening, yet she overcomes it. She's not one to play damsel in distress. She fights her own battles, but is smart enough to know when she needs help or when it's safer to run.

Well, I feel like if I keep talking about the book, I might let something slip that I shouldn't and I don't want to do that. Overall if you've read the Otherworld books before and loved them than this is one you can't miss. Elena--the first Otherworld woman returns, and from a few people that I've talked to who like the series agree that Elena is by far our favorite Otherworld woman. So hurry out and grab your copy of Frostbitten, you won't be disappointed!


  1. Great review!!

    I have only read Bitten. I haz a Kelley Armstrong fail:( I do have her YA series in my tbr.

    Your review makes me want to run out and buy the rest of this series. I have big love for Clay :)

  2. There are 2 more "Elena" books that predate Frostbitten and those are Stolen, which came right after Bitten and then Broken which came out a few books later, 2 narrators later as well! Those were good as well, as Stolen let's you get introduced to a few new characters that pop up throughout the rest of the series.


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