Oct 22, 2009


Anna Strong was a tough-as-nails bounty hunter until the night she was attacked by a vampire--and changed forever.

A newly turned vampire, Anna is forging an uneasy balance between her old human life and her new supernatural one. Still, with her partner out of town, her family abroad and her mentor estranged, she doesn't have anyone to turn to--which is why she's keeping a low profile.

But now young vampires are turning up dead, completely drained of their life force. Although Anna worries she might be next, things start getting personal when her shape-shifter friend is found clinging to his life. So when Williams, her former teacher and now the leader of a supernatural enforcement squad, asks for her help, Anna can't say no.

But soon she'll wish she had...

Yea! Finally finished Retribution, it only took forever! The storyline pretty much picks up where Legacy left off, Anna is in the thick of things when trying to figure out what exactly is going on.

Now I'm not sure how much is considered spoilers here so I'm going to be vague yet again. A character that we saw in The Watcher, I believe it was, returns, which is the start of all the turmoil in the story.

Anna is drawn back in to William's supernatural team while trying to save her friend, and in turn another friend who is helping the first injured one, as well. Lives are hanging in the balance. Not to mention that newly turned vampires are winding up dead, but there is something different about these vampires that Anna cannot quite figure out.

Anna is set on wild goose chase after goose chase in trying to capture the "villain" and her "nosing around" really makes the "villain" mad and it costs Anna deeply. Now not only does she want to capture the "villain" for what they did--improper sentence I know, but I don't want to give away anything--to the other vampires, but she has to exact revenge for what she lost.

Enough on that part. More characters return, such as Lance--who I almost forgot about really, but he wasn't in the story that much. Sandra returns as well, and the tension between her and Anna is written beautifully. You can really tell that what happened between them in Legacy still has an affect on them. We also get to see more of Ortiz and his life outside the police force, boy was there some surprises there!

The characters are all lovable or despicable. You love them or hate them. Jeanne Stein writes in a way so you know how to feel about the character in question, mostly with how Anna feels about them. But my feelings about some of the characters are pretty much the same way Anna feels about them.

Williams is still someone that Anna doesn't know if she can trust completely since she left the Watchers, but now she needs his help and the two of them will have to put the past aside for now. But Williams and Anna don't always get along, as was noted throughout the last few books, their heated debates are intriguing as well. In their last one, Williams reveals a secret that leaves Anna in shock.

It is so hard to believe that there are 5 books in the series and yet for Anna it's all been less than a year. Her one year anniversary of being a vampire comes up in a few more months. Scary. :)

I will attempt to start my next book, but school is bound to get in the way. In fact in two weeks I have 3 tests all in the same week and 2 of them are on the same day. So my reading material isn't going to be anything of interest for awhile. So looking forward to December. December 10 to be precise!

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  1. I have yet to read this series but I do have the first one in my tbr. They look like my kind of books:) Nice review!


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