Nov 26, 2009

Review--Friday Night Bites

Friday Night Bites
by Chloe Neill


You'd think headlines like that would have provoked the fine citizens of the Windy City to take up arms against us blood-sucking fiends. Instead, ten months later, we're enjoying a celebrity status reserved for the Hollywood elite--fending off paparazzi, who are only slightly less dangerous than cross-and stake-wielding slayers. Don't get me wrong. Joe Public isn't exactly thrilled to be living side by side with the undead, but at least they haven't stormed the castle...yet.

All that will change once they learn about the Raves, mass feeding parties where vampires round humans like cattle and drink themselves silly. Most civilized vampires frown on this behavior--but that doesn't make good copy for a first-time reporter looking to impress his high-society family.

So now my "master"--centuries-old yet gorgeously well-preserved Ethan Sullivan--wants me to reconnect with my own upper-class family and act as liaison between humans and vampires...and to keep the more unsavory aspects of our existence out of the media. But someone doesn't want people and vamps to play nicey-nice--someone with an ancient grudge.

Another book down this week! Hotdog! Chloe Neill's Friday Night Bites was the sequel to her first debut of Some Girls Bite and it was not a letdown. It kept with the stream of things and no stone was left unturned that was touched from Some Girls Bite.

Merit is a newly made vampire and is still adjusting to the undead life and the perks--not all good. She is Sentinel for her vampire house, a protector of sorts. But being a vampire has not made Merit's life any easier, in fact it has become downright complicated. Not only does she have to fight a massive attractive to her Master and creator Ethan, but she is also a companion--you could say--of Morgan, the Master of the another house.

There is definite connections with Merit and each of these guys, I was personally Team Morgan on this one. Morgan is funny and laid back where Ethan is more of a by-the-rules kind of guy, but we get to see different sides of each man in this book as Merit's feelings are in massive conflict.

Not to mention that there are other more dire occurrences happening in Chicago. As the BOC described, vampires have gone public, but a set of Raves are happening under the radar and it's up to Merit and team to quietly solve the case so they don't become the monsters everyone thought they once were. But that's not all....

Merit's past comes back to haunt her, her life when she was still her father's daughter living in high society. Totally not Merit! A lot happens...I don't want to get too far into it since the BOC doesn't highlight it much, but leave it at that. There are troubles with Merit's love life as mentioned already. And a lot more is revealed about the night side of Chicago!

Loved it! This was a fabulous book, it was well paced and kept me entertained a lot. We get to see the same characters, Catcher, Mallory, Jeff and more....It was a terrific follow up to Some Girls Bite and I cannot wait for Twice Bitten next year.

Neill is a new author, who recently came into the urban fantasy world earlier this year. Her vampires are definite faves, plus they live in Chicago--where I visited once. Totally awesome, I know of the major locations that get dropped into the story. Neill has done her research well for Chicago highlights.

Merit is a relate-able character, she is quirky and sassy and has a "nice" attitude. She would be like someone I would be friends with. Or even close to myself, saying things you probably shouldn't at the wrong moments. Stuff like that. She is not without flaws, as humans are...or even vampires. Because she is the not the optimum suave vampire she is lovable! She doesn't follow the rules, she tries to, she may mock them a bit even.

Anyway for those of you vampire fans who have not started the Chicagoland Vampire Series, it is a must. For these are vampires that don't follow the traditional rules, some of them maybe. Then again, vampires are changing everywhere.

A highly recommend read! The series is just starting and it's not to late to catch up. Neill also has a new YA series that starts next year as well. Look for Firespell coming in January.

Here's the link to the interview I did with Chloe back in September. Enjoy!

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