Jan 5, 2010

Review--Dracula the Un-Dead


Twenty-five years have passed since the band of heroes destroyed Dracula at his castle in Transylvania. Since then, Jonathan and Mina Harker have raised their son Quincey into a fine, if at times naive, young man, even while their once happy marriage disintegrated. Dr. Seward, the brilliant physician, is plagued by drug abuse and mania. Arthur Holmwood, the brave and dashing fiance to Lucy, is now full of anger and regret. And Van Helsing, leader of the brave band, is a sickly old man. Bram Stoker's Dracula introduced us to these characters, and in this fully realized sequel, written by Dacre Stoker, a direct descendant of Bram Stoker, and Ian Holt, a noted Dracula expert and historian, we see how these lives will forever be entwined with each other and the vampire they so courageously fought to destroy.

When Quincey leaves law school to pursue his dream of acting, he stumbles upon a troubled production of the play Dracula. This play, with its oddly familiar characters and directed by Bram Stoker, plunges the young man into the world of his parents' terrible secrets, but before he can confront them he meets evil that rocks him to his core. One by one, the band of heroes that defeated Dracula is being hunted down. Could it be that Dracula somehow survived and is seeking revenge after all these years later? Or, is another, far more sinister villain at work who will put anyone associated with Dracula, including Quincey, in grave danger?

Dracula the Un-Dead is a fast-paced, historically rich sequel that is as frightening and atmospheric as the original. Based on plot threads and characters from Bram Stoker's notes that he complied while writing and researching Dracula, as well as extensive research on the historical Prince Dracula and other well-known figures, here is a suspenseful, fascinating tale that will resonate with readers of the original as well as modern fans.

OMG, I read this thing in 1 entire day and it blew me away. It totally changes everything I thought about the original Dracula! It was deeply good as all the characters are back and not everything ended happily ever after after Dracula.

Since I don't know if many of you are into classics I'll keep this insanely short for me. Everyone is back, everyone who didn't die. And there are other characters who popped in that are also familiar. It was amazing what Dacre Stoker and Ian Holt did. This was insanely good and the ending was phenomenal! How it even tied into another historical event that I won't mention. But the way things ended I was literally shocked to my core.

Agh. I wish I knew how many people read Dracula, because if you had, you have to read this sequel it was amazing. The BOC does a good way of explaining what happens and such without revealing too much, but OMG the things that they can't say because of spoilers. Agh.

Anyway, Dacre writes differently than his ancestor Bram, and it reads a little easier than classic literature so I was breezing through the pages like you wouldn't believe! So if you've read Dracula, read this. If you haven't read either read Dracula then this! You will not be disappointed. Many of the characters will surprise you with what they do and did!

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