Apr 11, 2011

Cover Art--Karen Mahoney

Just saw this posted at another blog and had to add it here as well! The cover for Karen Mahoney's The Wood Queen, her next YA novel in her new series! It's going to be a long wait since it doesn't release til next year, but the cover is pretty interesting I think. Still like the first one better for some reason though.

Two weeks after the events of The Iron Witch, reluctant alchemist-in-training, Donna Underwood, must face the consequences of her actions--actions that some believe make her a traitor.

At the same time, Donna’s iron tattoos are acting strangely and she experiences bleak visions filled with warnings of a coming darkness. When the Wood Queen steps into her life once more, it appears that Donna’s role in the centuries old war against the fey is very far from over--only this time it is her mother’s life that hangs in the balance...

This is set to release in February 2012

Cover description not final and even the cover art may change since we still have awhile to wait.

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