Apr 9, 2011

Movie News--Underworld 4

As you might or might not know, I totally love Underworld and both its sequels. I even read all the movie related books! It was just a very cool movie series that my friend got me hooked on, since I was reading vampire and werewolf books I had thought I needed to see some movies of them!

So I was stoked when I heard there was going to be a 4th Underworld movie, this time with Kate Beckinsale! I heard about this right around when the third movie/prequel was released. So it's been a wait. Originally it should have came out later this year, but got bumped to January 2012!

Still can't wait to see it! 2012 already has a great lineup for movies! But the reason for this post is to say that's there is more of an official title to the movie now! Underworld: New Dawn

Totally cool! There's still not a whole lot of info up about what the plot is. Or even a full cast! So far no Scott Speedman! :(

But anyways this releases January 20, 2012 and so far is still going to be happening! Will post more details as I hear about them.

For any info you may want to know, go here at IMDb, this is where I go for all my movie info! A nice safe and reliable source for some of the general info. Of course things always change, so don't think that all the actors or whatever are set in stone.

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  1. Wake Unto Me is on my TBR list and I'm loving the UK cover of My Soul to Take!

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