Feb 7, 2013

Random Thursday

Okay, when you start to watch Disney movies as many times as I do, you start to analyze them in ways that are not meant to be!

True, it is Disney and one must just accept it, but there are times when I cannot help myself! It's usually around the 100th viewing or so! ;) 

Note, if you haven't seen this movie, I am about to head into SPOILER territory!

Okay, so in The Princess and the Frog, Tiana kisses Prince Naveen as a frog and gets turned into one herself because she is not a princess. Yet, at the time, she was dressed like one. So she was "pretending" to be one. And the spell decided not to work.

Yet near the end, when Tiana's friend Charlotte is "pretending" to be a princess, because her father is King of the Mardi Gras parade, Mama Odie says the spell will be broken. If Charlotte kisses Naveen before midnight, ending Mardi Gras.

To me, that just didn't make sense. Charlotte and Tiana were both basically pretending to be princesses at the time, yet only Charlotte's kiss would break the spell? What's up with that?

I guess, while doing further analyzing, Tiana never really called herself a princess when dressed as she was. But because Charlotte's dad was "King" of the Mardi Gras parade, she was automatically a "princess".

Regardless it doesn't really make all that much sense. But in the long run, if Tiana's kiss would've worked, then we wouldn't have had a movie!


  1. I just had a WTF moment. I never noticed this!
    I hate over thinking about Disney stuff then I go crazy. Why does Goofy walk and talk and Pluto doesn’t? Why is Mickey Mouse friends with a duck and a dog but they are all the same size?

  2. Lol, Nereyda's comment is funny. I don't like to analyze them either, my dad says things like that sometimes about movies but I tell him, if you over analyze them, you wont like them. I don't remember thinking about that, I did watch the movie but that was a long time ago, I only saw it once though.

  3. I've not seen this one, but I see the thought here. And I guess being King of the parade counted. lol. Weak, but counted.

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