Feb 26, 2013

Review--Shattered Circle by Linda Robertson


It's tough being a modern woman, but Persephone Alcmedi has it worse than most. Being the prophesied Lustrata has kicked her career as a witch into high gear, and juggling a werewolf boyfriend who is about to become king of his kind and a seductive vampire who bears her magical Mark isn't easy either.

Still, Seph's beloved foster daughter, Beverley, is causing more trouble than these two men put together. The young girl's been playing with a magical artifact that's far more dangerous than she realizes. Now Seph must summon help from a mystical being so potent that even vampires fear him...and the cost of his aid may be more than she's willing to pay. Seph, Johnny, and Menessos face threats from all sides--and a few from within. Will the forces of destiny cement their tenuous supernatural union, or shatter it forever?

It's been sooo long since I last dived into Linda Robertson's series that I hesitated when reading Shattered Circle. Luckily it wasn't too much of a problem. Sure, I forgot some of the plot and action details, but fort he most part I was able to move along nicely with this one.

Shattered Circle is told from many points of view. Persephone is our heroine and when it's her turn to narrate, it's in first person, while the other characters are in third. It's definitely one of those books where you crave the person's next narration, for nearly every time their "storytelling" ends, it's on a mini cliffhanger. It's reading from cliffhanger to cliffhanger, total insanity, but at least here you know that the cliffhanger will be picked up in just an odd amount of pages.

This story has a little more focus on Beverley, Seph's foster daughter. And after a series of unfortunate events, we learn that Beverley has powers of her own. Shocking news and yet there's no time for Seph to dwell or ponder on it. Beverley's life is in danger now because she has a very special and unique power that will draw all the wrong sort of attention towards her. Enemies are everywhere and anywhere and in order to keep her safe, Seph must allow Menessos to take her.

For the latter part of the book, Seph goes in meditation and becomes trapped. Creepy is back and we finally get to know more about him! Considering I couldn't really remember this guy at all, the knowing part wasn't as much of a relief as it should've been. But when we do learn of who he is, it's just like WOW! And with the way the ending went down, it's tough to say if he will be back in the next book.

With all the points of view in this one, it was hard for me to always follow along with the side parts of the story. I mean I could understand and follow it for the most part, but then something minor would happen and it would throw a wrench into my understanding. All these narrators have their own agendas as well, so we follow their devious plotting or whatall and then watch them contribute to the main plotline in their own way. So while it wasn't insanely difficult to follow, it just made things a tad hard. But the book was still very enjoyable. I look forward to seeing where this series winds up.

There wasn't any "real" romance in this book. There's a reason behind my "real" but I can't get into that without spoilers. Seph and Johnny are still a little on the outs. After Johnny almost attacked her while in wolf form, Seph is finding it hard to trust him. She wants to, yet there is still that lingering fear. There weren't any romantic moments between her and Menessos either. He wasn't really around a whole lot. I mean he was there in the story, but it didn't feel like he had much of a critical role this time whereas Johnny was around a lot and had his own narration points too.

Things are definitely changing in the world of Persephone Alcmedi. Big changes, little changes...things that will completely alter her way of living. While things seemed hopeful at the end, there's still a lot of little details left unsaid, other characters whose status remain unknown, like what was happening with them the last time we saw them. This series is definitely a fun one! The characters are all so different from one another and there's quite the variety of them too. As I said, I am very intrigued to see where this series will be going.

Overall rating 4/5 stars


  1. Oh, I'm really wanting this series! haha, I'm seeing the books around a lot lately, and like how they and the series sounds. :) Thank you.

  2. Gah! I just want Seph and Menessos to get together already!


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