Feb 14, 2013

Review--Blue-Blooded Vamp by Jaye Wells

The epic conclusion to the amazing Sabina Kane urban fantasy series.

Sabina Kane is on the hunt. Her prey: Cain, the father of the vampire race and the one who murdered her family and her friends. Unfortunately, Cain is hunting Sabina, too. The one man who holds the key to defeating Cain is, of course, Abel. A mage with secrets to spare and, hopefully, the power to match it. Unfortunately, for Sabina, he's in Rome and may not want to be found.

Sabina sets out for Italy with her friends, Giguhl and Adam Lazarus, to track down the only man who can get her the revenge she hungers for. But will he help her or oppose her? And just who is Abel, really? Worst of all, when Sabina figures out the goddess Lilith has a plan for her-she realizes this trip is getting deadlier by the minute.

As they say: when in Rome-SURVIVE.

Blue-Blooded Vamp is Jaye Wells' finale to her Sabina Kane series and it went out with a bang! It's been so long since I last entered Sabina's world and yeah, I may have forgotten some of the events that have already come to pass, but I was able to follow along quickly with the story.

The action pretty much starts on page one and doesn't really end til page 456. It was pretty much nonstop motion for Sabina as she Adam and Giguhl are racing against the clock to stop Cain before he brings about total destruction and mass chaos to the world and everyone in it.  Their first stop? Italy, to find Abel, the one man who just might hold the key to destroying Cain.

But this isn't the Abel we all know from the Cain and Abel story, this is a different man entirely, one who just assumed Abel's name. He is hellbent on stopping Cain as well, so Sabina figures it's ideal to team up, but finding him is easier said than done. And what she finds is not what she was expecting at all. Yeah, kind of vauge and mysterious, and while the answer does come fairly early in the adventure, I won't be spoiling it, because it truly was a HUGE shocker!!

Stopping Cain is Sabina's main concern, but she also still has to hash out the favore she owes Asclepius who comes to collect. Her mission? To find and kill Nyx, another vampire who Asclepius made a deal with and she didn't repay him back as she was supposed to. Sabina agrees, but doesn't plan on making it top priority. It's rather surprising later on when she runs into Nyx and realizes just who she is. Although, I had suspected as such once certain events began taking place. Still a surprising twist though!

This was a freaking fantastic read! Seriously, when I say the action is pretty much nonstop, it's true! To varying degrees of course! It was mindblowing! Lots of characters that we have met throughout this series return in surprising ways and I was glad for it, because I have missed some, others not so much, but hey, what can you do? My reactions pretty much mirrored Sabina's!

Despite all the chaos and action, there are still random romantic moments between Sabina and Adam that were enjoyable! Totally love Adam! He's one badass mancy! Giguhl was freaking hilarious too! You can always count on him to ease the tension of a moment and there were a few of them!

There were some surprises throughout the series as well! Shocking revelations and just OMG moments! After each surprise, I thought, Jaye can't make it any worse for Sabina, but of course I was wrong! Which just added to the shock factor and the enjoyment of the novel!

Blue-Blooded Vamp ended superbly! It was the kind of ending I expect when a series ends. One where you know the characters have finally reached their HEA ending and that all will be well, with a bright future on the horizon...yada yada yada! Cheesy, yes, but I still mean it! And that was exactly the kind of ending I got from this one! So looking forward to Jaye's new series later this year. The Sabina Kane series is one I would recommend in a heartbeat. There's action, lots and lots of it!, romance spread throughout, tension, because really, what's romance without tension?, surprises and secrets and of course humor. Therefore the series is perfect for any urban fantasy fan!

Overall rating 5/5 stars

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