Jun 23, 2016

OMG Cover Reveals--Higgins & Jordan!

So this week has been packed with tons of cover art reveals and though you likely have seen these already, I HAD to share them here, because they are gorgeous covers! Ironically they're both duologies that I have yet to start because the first book apparently ended in killer cliffhangers! In BOTH of them! Ack! So naturally, I'm holding out til next year to read them!

So let's do a side by side reveal of the duologies! Here's Wendy Higgen's Eurona Duology:

Gorgeous covers all around!! Loving the winter look to the second one! Though from what I've heard, our heroine here isn't really a red-head. But yet, the cover model totally is! Odd that. But seriously, how awesome are these covers? I feel like I'm in the woods with her!

The Great Pursuit releases March 7, 2017! Goodreads has a summary up bur since I need to read the first book, I'm avoiding looking at it for the time being! Click the title to go to Goodreads and read it should you need to! ;)

And now for the Reign of Shadows Duology cover series reveal:

Aren't they pretty? Though I can't help but feel they look too much alike but with some color changes and an almost mirror like reversal with some of the flowers. Despite that, I do still really like this second cover! Another series I need to start, but again, that darn cliffhanger! LOL! There's only so many cliffhangers a girl can handle before going insane. And I'm wayyyy past that point! That's not even mentioning the cliffhangers to series that were...(sob!) cancelled!!

Rise of Fire releases February 7, 2017! Guess I should've gone with this series first, but oh well! LOL! I was thinking alphabetically by author's last name when I did this! Haha! This one has no cover description yet. Yay? Not that I could read it anyway!

So how about it guys? What do you think of these new cover reveals? Have you read either of the first book in these duologies? Was I wise or very strong willed to wait to read them as a complete duology?


  1. Ahhh!!! So beautiful I can't even stand it!

  2. I love how the cover for The Great Pursuit fits with the first book! They look so great together!


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