Jun 23, 2016

Random Thursday

Here's another Disney Factoid for you from my Disney desk calendar! It was a rather recent one too! From the past month I think! Lol.

image borrowed from Disney Wikia

"Kaa the sinister python was voiced by actor Sterling Holloway, who also gave voice to a more trustworthy Disney character: Winnie the Pooh! A personal favorite of Walt Disney, Holloway was declared an official 'Disney Legend' in 1991."

Never knew this, yet when I play back the characters, I totally hear it now!! LOL!


  1. I always love your Disney facts. I never realized this either, but I can actually hear both voices in my head when I think about it, and it makes sense!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  2. I never would have guessed they were voiced by the same person!!


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