Jun 30, 2016

Random Thursday

Time for another fun Disney factoid from the Disney desk calendar! This one actually came from earlier this month! I found it interesting and thought I would share it here.

"Rapunzel's long hair presented a unique challenge for Disney animators. To create a sense of free-flowing movement, new computer software was invented. In the end, Rapunzel's hair is made up of 100,000 individually animated strands and is 70 feet long. No wonder it's perfect for playing jump rope!"

I found that to be an interesting little tidbit! Didn't know that Disney made the software for her hair for the movie! That's pretty cool and it was totally awesome too!


  1. That was interesting, indeed! Thanks for sharing, Jessica :)

  2. Oh wow! I look forward to these every week :) Never would have known this one!


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