Nov 22, 2019

Book Blogger Hop

This meme is hosted by Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addict!
This week's question is: Excluding the Bible, name one book that makes you feel thankful and happy. (submitted by Billy @ Coffee Addicted Writer)
MY ANSWER: Ohhh man, that's a hard one! Just one?! Because I've got a list of those! At the top I'd say Demon in My View by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes for the nostalgia and where my love of vampires stemmed from!
Then there's Caraval and the trilogy at large, by Stephanie Garber that completely captured my heart by sweeping me up with its magic and games!
While I'd loooove to also mention Harry Potter and it did play a huge role in my life as a preteen. It wasn't like a life-changing book for me that spurred my love for reading because I was already a reader at this point! It's definitely a magical read that I am still grateful for, but I don't think I'd put it at THE book.

If I had to choose one, I guess I would go back to Demon in My View for it was THE ONE that started it all for me!



  1. A book that "started it all" is the best one to choose. :)

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Great answer, Jessica. I wasn't sure where to go when answering this week. :-)
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend. Here's my BBH Post
    Flora x

  3. that definitely fits with the bible. LOL if ya got good, ya gotta have bad
    sherry @ fundinmental


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