Nov 28, 2019

Thanksgiving Book Tag

Happy Thanksgiving again! So I was doing my morning blog hopping and saw this fun little tag over at Cornerfolds and I thought, I ought to do this! Tracy found this tag over at Addicted to Romance and I borrowed the image from Addicted to Romance as well, as Tracy's image included a contest! So better check out her post too!

HISTORY: Choose a book set in America

Gotta love a New Orleans setting! Despite what other people said about The Beautiful, I enjoyed it! I cannot wait for its sequel next year!

THANKFUL: What book are you thankful for?

I mean, it would be hard to put the 2000+ books I've read in one post, so top two that come to mind are Demon in My View--the book that started my lifelong love of vampires and all other things that go bump in the night! And then there's Remembrance, a years long sequel to one of my all time favorite YA series, The Mediator! In this one the teenage girl is all grown up, so it was kind of fun reading about her as an adult!

THANKSGIVING DINNER: What book features a meal that makes you say "yum"?

So yeah, I can't remember what books had what yummy foods in it! I mean, food rarely gets more than a mention in my books! So let's go the other route with this one! Reyes is definitely one of those guys that make you go YUM!

PUMPKIN PIE: Choose a book that you think is very sweet 

I still need to read the final book of the trilogy but this is definitely one of those magical series that is both paranormal and adorably sweet! And of course the title, The Sweetest Kind of Fate, makes it even more perfect! Lol!

FOOD COMA: Choose a book that's been on your TBR list forever that you really need to read

 Well Dead Girls Are Easy is the first book on my list from Goodreads that's still marked "to read." This was among the first books that built my TBR pile and was one of the last books I bought from Borders. :(

AFTER DINNER DRINKS: What book is your guilty pleasure?

This one's hard, as I always feel like "guilty pleasure" means there's some iota of guilt being felt in enjoying something. I have ZERO GUILT when it comes to enjoying books! So I just kind of randomly chose a book that was an obsession of mine! Perhaps, I feel "guilty" for obsessing over 13 to Life so much...then again maybe not! Lol! 

DRUNK UNCLE: Choose an unpopular book that you like

There are plenty of those unfortunately. Two that immediately came to mind were Twisted and Night Magic! Both were apart of completely amazing and unique series and of course...the world hated them and didn't buy them and the publishers said NO MORE! Even though they both left off with the diciest of cliffhangers EVER!!! I am still not over Twisted's ending. Or Night Magic. I will be on my deathbed bemoaning their loss.

BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING: What is the last book you pre-ordered?

I legit just ordered my keeper copy of Wicked Hour! It snuck up on me! Prior to that it looks like it was All the Stars and Teeth, which I've an ARC in my TBR pile to read too! 



  1. Haha! I love that you went the same way with the meal question. XD

  2. What a fun tag. The Sweetest Kind of Fate looks like such a fun book to read.

  3. The Sweetest Kind of Fate is the perfect book for the Sweet category! I need to finish that series too.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction


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