Aug 24, 2010

Review--Red Hot Fury


It's far from business as usual when the body of a sister Fury washes up in Boston Harbor. But when Riss reports that the corpse's identity has been magically altered, she's immediately--and inexplicably--suspended from her job. Then a human assassin makes an attempt on her life, and Riss realizes that someone is trying to stir up strife between mortals and arcanes.

When a Fury gets made, she gets even, and Riss is determined to uncover the truth. Without the support of the mortal PD, she turns to the one man she can trust to watch her back: shape-shifting Warhound Scoot Murphy. But since Scott is also Riss's ex, she'll have to keep a short leash on more than just the supernatural rage that feeds her power as they try to solve a murder--and stop a war...

Finally finished Kasey Mackenzie's Red Hot Fury and it was awesome!! Was curious about this book when I saw the cover and found out that she was a local author! And plus the storyline sounded interesting. I love Greek mythology and found out that the Furies here are Roman based, as Greek and Roman mythology tend to be somewhat similar, but with differences. So I was all over this book from the moment I read all about this!

It wasn't a letdown either! It starts off right away with Riss finding the body of her sister Fury, but as the BOC says magic is involved, leading the body to only look like another Fury when really something else is going down. Way down.

The pacing of this book was just marvelous! I mean there is a definite mystery to solve here, but Riss is thrown off the case moments after it begins! Then there's the assassination attempt and Riss is forced to seek outside help. Of course the only person she can trust is her old lover and Warhound Scott Murphy. Hence more troubles begin.

Riss and Scott's actions can be a little predictable, but it's not a bad thing really. It doesn't detract from the writing. Tensions definitely run high between the two as they are forced to work together. And it doesn't help that Scott's younger brother, only by a few years--can't remember the exact difference, has a crush on Riss. And he's not too bad looking either! Not to mention that other members of the family aren't too pleased with her. Fun times all around!

Riss herself is just a riot! Her attitude is just funny to me. She has a bit of an attitude, but I guess that comes with being a Fury. Like with my teaser from earlier today, near death experience and she decides to go shopping! She was just funny!

There are a lot of twisted secrets involved too! It was great watching them all develop and reveal themselves in the end. Some were just such shockers! I mean another one I sort of guessed something was up, but I was nowhere near close enough to seeing what actually happened! The shockers are quite good too! Especially ones at the end! ;)

I sort of took a guess to a part of the outcome, like the who-done-it, but never really made it my official guess. So take that as you will! I like trying to guess the who-done-it bit, it can be fun and really challenging because some times I sooo don't see it coming! This time I was mildly prepared, but not entirely.

That being said, there is a lot of action to the book as well. Riss gets herself into a lot of trouble. But luckily she has great friends to help her out. Her partner on the force also joins in with her supernatural crew. In this book, the world knows about supernaturals, Riss's job position is proof of that as well, being the Chief Magical Investigator. It's refreshing some times to be in a setting where everyone knows about supernaturals, that way there is no need to have to convince others of their existence, they just know. But the opposite can be good too.

I loved this book. As I said I love Greek mythology and Roman as well, so I loved the little bits of mythology that Mackenzie used in the novel. There was a reference to the Orpheus myth as well. There were also Harpies as well as Furies. It was just awesome!

There was a little bit of romance in the story as well. Not a whole lot, but there's enough romantic tension between Riss and Scott to build up. Won't go further then that on that part of the book!

Overall I give the book 5/5 stars! It was a really amazing read! A GREAT one too! Kasey Mackenzie is definitely making my author list and I am now addicted to her series. Looking forward to more from her soon!

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  1. Great review! I love that cover!

    YAY that ur reading Chosen! cant wait to see what you think =)

    and i cannot believe you're reading Blameless after, im jealous!!


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