Sep 1, 2015

Review--Get Dirty by Gretchen McNeil

The members of Don’t Get Mad aren’t just mad anymore . . . they’re afraid. And with Margot in a coma and Bree stuck in juvie, it’s up to Olivia and Kitty to try to catch their deadly tormentor. But just as the girls are about to go on the offensive, Ed the Head reveals a shocking secret that turns all their theories upside down. The killer could be anyone, and this time he—or she—is out for more than just revenge.

The girls desperately try to discover the killer’s identity as their personal lives are falling apart: Donté is pulling away from Kitty and seems to be hiding a secret of his own, Bree is under house arrest, and Olivia’s mother is on an emotional downward spiral. The killer is closing in, the threats are becoming more personal, and when the police refuse to listen, the girls have no choice but to confront their anonymous friend . . . or die trying.

Gretchen McNeil’s Get Dirty picks up immediately where we left off in Get Even, which I read sooo many months ago and alas, I couldn’t remember much that had happened! The pain of reading too much! LOL!

After some initial confusion as to who some of the secondary characters were, I was able to quickly get back into the story as the remaining members of DGM, Bree, Kitty, and Olivia try to figure out who the mysterious murderer is. And for the majority of the novel, poor Margot lays comatose in the hospital. But this time, the girls have backup, as more of their friends are initiated into the secret club of DGM.

The killer is after the people the girls care for, so having some more of their friends at their side seems prudent even. In the meantime, poor Bree is basically put under house arrest, which pretty much leaves Olivia, Kitty, Ed the Head, John, and Logan to do some of the investigating.

The stakes get raised in this one. There were so many secrets and suspicions being tossed at us, but it never felt overwhelming. I just wanted to read even faster to get to the bottom of this mystery. And the killer even starts to go after previous DGM targets! Add to that, it seems there’s a new DGM group in the works that continues the girls’ work in taking the bullies of the school down a notch.

And just wow! This is the kind of book where there is literally never a dull moment! So much mystery! So much suspense! It has it creepy and eerie moments as well! And let’s not forget some romantic interludes with some of the characters as well!

I definitely liked how things wrapped up in this one! I sooooo did not see this killer coming! I wanted to say I had an inkling of an idea…but then Gretchen totally takes me by surprise with a whopper of a reveal! And just wow! Nicely done, Gretchen! Perhaps my only complaint was not being able to remember the events of Get Dirty as well, which is basically my own fault! I either should’ve waited to binge this duology or try to squeeze a re-read in, which rarely happens these days!

My biggest piece of advice here is to read Get Even and Get Dirty back to back because you will not be disappointed! Gretchen McNeil is a master of suspense novels and her books are not ones to be missed! Read them now!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars 


  1. I still haven´t read the first book of the series, but I´m going to check out this duology. thanks for your review.

  2. YES! I forgot soo much information when I was reading it! I thought for sure that the killer's alibi was given in the last book. I guess I was wrong!


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