Jan 14, 2016

Random Thursday

So for the moment, I'm out of Disney factoids. But hopefully as the days go by my calendar will give me some fun facts! For now, we return to the ever delightful That's a Fact Jack: A Collection of Utterly Useless Information [Updated] by Harry Bright and Jakob Anser!

"Every 20 minutes, the world's population increases by 3,500. In the same time, one or more species of animal or plant is wiped out--roughly 27,000 species per year."

That's uplifting and sad at the same time! Hence the picture (that I hope shows up!)!

"Bookworms are actually beetles. They proliferate in libraries, where dust, dirt, heat, darkness, and poor ventilation are prevalent. The mature female lays her eggs on the edges of books or in the crevices of bookshelves, and when hatched the larvae burrow into the books."

Well that's a true horror story if I ever heard one. Thanks for ruining the term bookworm, Harry and Jakob. :(


  1. Eww...that does kind of ruin the idea of a cute little bookworm reading books, like your picture, lol. Maybe I should re-think my blog name!

  2. I love that picture of the tree! Bookworms don't sound so cute anymore, though. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  3. ewe beetles. gross... i hope i never find one.

  4. I didn't know bookworms were actual things! O.O

  5. No longer proud to be called a bookworm.... *cry* And the extinction rate is no better. Bit of sad facts but interesting post idea!


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