Jan 28, 2016

Random Thursday

Time to return to find out more obscure facts from That's a Fact Jack: A Collection of Utterly Useless Information [Updated] by Harry Bright and Jakob Anser!

"In 'James and the Giant Peach' a flock of 501 tethered seagulls airlifts a magically enlarged peach across the Atlantic Ocean. According to aerodynamic model created by an enterprising group of British physics students, it would take 2,425,907 common seagulls to get the giant peach airborne."

That's movie magic for you!

"If you feel the obsessive need to correct other people's grammar, you may suffer from a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder called grammatical pedantry syndrome, or GPS."

Wow. I know I have OCD but I don't think it extends to GPS. Though I do have a GPS...LOL!!!


  1. Nice post. Interesting facts about the birds. :-) And thank goodness I don't have GPS.

    sherry @ fundinmental

  2. WHAT! hahah GPS that is too funny! i have it as well then! although i'm sure it comes with being an English major in college...LOL. great post today! it was fun to read!
    Emily @ www.rabbitholereviews.com

  3. That's a LOT of seagulls! I used to really love the movie, though I've never read the book. I definitely should!

  4. Haha maybe my English as a Second Language background gave me GPS. :p

  5. I can only imagine how that peach would look with that many birds carrying it.


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