Sep 13, 2019

Book Blogger Hop

This meme is hosted by Billy at Ramblings of a Coffee Addict!
This week's question is: Have you ever read a library book you loved SO much, you just HAD to own it, so you bought a copy for yourself after returning the library book you had already finished? (submitted by Maria @ A Night's Dream of Books)
MY ANSWER: Well, even though it's been years since I utilized the library. I will say that as a child I would check out this one book of fairy tales from our school library endlessly! It was many, many years later that I happened upon it in a store and I told my mom about it and she bought it either for my birthday or Christmas! (They're in the same month, so I really can't remember, though I know she wrote in it...99% positive it was birthday!)
The book was The Random House Book of Fairy Tales! It was a mish mash collection of fairy tales, some Grimm, some Andersen, and a few others as well. Most were shortened and "edited" for children content wise, but most held true to their roots as far as I can remember. Except The Beauty and the Beast, because well, you know! Lol. 



  1. The Random House Book of Fairy Tales would be very memorable and one to buy.

    Happy Friday!!

  2. I loved fairy tales as a child too, Jessica. Still do actually. ;-)
    I'm ashamed to say that I can’t remember the last time I actually visited my local library to borrow a book (I've been for art exhibitions I the upstairs gallery and used the reference books in the non-lending section). 😦 They just didn’t hold any books in my favourite genre; paranormal romance. Then I got my Kindle and haven’t looked back.

    I hope you enjoy your weekend, Jessica. Here's my BBH Post
    Flora x

  3. Absolutely! This is my constant issue with getting ebooks and audiobooks from the library! I've already read most of the books I buy these days.


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