Sep 2, 2019

It's Magic Time: Harry Potter Book Tag

So I saw this tag last week over at We Live and Breathe Books! It sounded like a lot of fun and familiar, though after checking out the Harry Potter Spells Book Tag I did last year, while it's similar in "spells" the meanings behind the choosing are entirely different, so I thought let's do it again! Lol. This tag was initially created by Book Roast. The above image was borrowed from Sam!

EXPECTO PATRONUM: A childhood book connected to good memories?

The Random House Book of Fairy Tales adapted by Amy Ehrlich--while the fairy tales likely weren't in their 100% true format, they were pretty close! It's still a kid's book after all, but I remember checking this one out of the school library multiple times throughout elementary school!

EXPELLIARMUS: A book that took you by surprise?

Intertwined by Gena Showalter--yup, I'm talking about this one AGAIN! Lol. Having won the first two installments of this unfinished quartet I remember feeling hesitant about it in the beginning. This was the early days of blogging, so not many folks were around and I wasn't sure how I felt about reading a book from a boy's point of view! I know, I know. But the only other boy's point of view I had read was Harry Potter. But as we all know, I fell MADLY in love with this book and the series at large. Which is why a piece of my soul will be forever removed from myself over the lack of a final book.

PRIOR INCANTATO: The last book you read?

Escaping from Houdini by Kerri Maniscalco--I'm being nit-picky with this one as I did read a novella after this, but that's a novella, not a full blown book! I positively loved this one and cannot wait to read the final book hopefully soonish. We'll have to see as I am pretty behind on my review books!

ALOHAMORA: A book that introduced you to a genre you'd never considered before?

 What's a Ghoul to Do? by Victoria Laurie--I guess I never really figured there was a genre called Paranormal Mystery. There's so many of them now though but I've a few authors I consider myself invested in! I just need to get caught up with those series again! Lol.

RIDDIKULUS: A funny book you've read?

Kill the Farm Boy by Delilah S. Dawson & Kevin Hearne--think The Princess Bride meets Mel Brooks! It's a mish-mash of hilarity and puns and still a really good fantasy story! I can't wait to pick up the rest of the series!

SONORUS: A book you think everyone should know about?

Twisted by Gena Showalter--though I am pretty sure everyone here knows about it! Lol! I still like to cling to the delusion that maybe one day Gena would write the final book even though she says she probably won't. I noticed awhile back she took down the description of the fourth book and it still remains on Goodreads...hence me clinging to that delusion. But I still think if enough people hear about it and go back and read/review those first three books we could get that fourth book made into a reality! Though it's been longer than the first time I've seen it happen, I know it can happen! I'd die a happy old lady if I could live to see that happen and read it!

OBLIVIATE: A book or spoiler you would like to forget you ever read?

Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows by J.K. Rowling--let's just say that when I was reading it I wish I would have run faster from my-then-manager's daughter while she talked to someone about every casualty in the book. One name reached my ears before I ran and of course I read about his valiant sacrifice that night and was still in denial about it even afterwards!

IMPERIO: A book you had to read for school?

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas--this will probably remain the only book I was forced to read for school that I actually enjoyed! Everything else, and I mean everything else was meh to intolerable!

CRUCIO: A book that was painful to read?

You by Caroline Kepnes--I won't say it was painful to read but it was a little hard. Or maybe weird? It's rare for me to read a book being inside the psycho's point of view. Let's just say it was different.

AVADA KEDAVRA: A book that could kill (interpret as you will)?

Strange and Ever After by Susan Dennard--while it was still a wonderful book and conclusion to the series I will say that it still kills a piece of my soul every time I think about it! Lol.

If you're feeling like tackling this little challenge, consider yourself tagged!



  1. I had the audio of You and it was soo uncomfortable!

  2. Fairytales was my goto as a kid. I loved them all, but especially the Hans Christian Andersen volume my grandmother gave me. I read Intertwined ages ago, but I guess there's no rush to continue, since the final book is never happening. --sigh--

  3. I sometimes felt like Kill the Farm Boy was trying just a little too hard to be hilarious, but I LOVE Delilah S. Dawson so much on Twitter that I've decided I'm giving the next book a try anyway. I did sometimes find it very funny!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  4. This is a nice tag! I'll keep this on my tag-to-do-list!


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