Aug 18, 2009

New New Moon Trailer

As I might have mentioned I read the Twilight books and thought they were pretty good. I like vampires all good and fine, sparkly ones? Okay that was one thing that bugged me, but moving on. I saw Twilight and thought it was pretty good and stayed true to the novel, despite Kirsten Stewart not being who I would've chosen for Bella. Don't ask me who I would've chose, I don't know really. Imagining your characters as you read and then seeing the actor in the movie, the actor never meets up to my "character". But as I said in my movie post, I'll still see New Moon, as well as the last two movies. In fact I just found the new trailer for New Moon, the one that I believe was in that movie Bandslam or whatever, with that HSM chick who thinks she's Olivia Newton-John from Grease...yeah HSM not something I liked, since I grew up watching Grease, even though the movie was old even then!

Okay rant over. Anyway I just watched this trailer that is deemed "Team Jacob" and it looks sooo good. You get a glimpse of Dakota Fanning as Jane, and she looks creepy! I so cannot wait for this movie! Anyway here's the link to the trailer incase anyone's having troubles finding it. Not likely since it was released on Friday, I tried looking then but it was probably too early. Here it is, the new New Moon trailer...

I tried to download the video itself, but I'm not the best person with technology whatsoever! Sorry.


  1. I'm a fan of the novels too and was also quite happy with how true to the book the movie was. Just saw a New Moon trailer at the cinema yesterday and am now looking forward to seeing it!! Thanks for the link to the "Team Jacob" trailer!
    So, are you team Jacob or team Edward? :p

  2. P.s just realized you're the same Jess I talk about Sookie and co with over on Rachel Vincent! :p


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