Aug 14, 2009

Random Nonsense--2010 Movies

So I was bored and decided to busy myself by looking up movies that come out in 2010 that I am dying to see! No previews for them yet, a teaser trailer here or there, but not much. So anyway, what I am dying to see that comes out next year so far is:

The Wolf Man--another remake, there are quite a few vampire/werewolf movies on the horizon. Not a lot of info on them, but for this one? Benicio Del Toro is set to play the wolf man. And Anthony Hopkins is supposed to be in this as well! Should be really interesting! Comes out February 10 2010. HERE'S A LINK TO A TRAILER! LOOKS AWESOME:

Alice in Wonderland--Tim Burton along with Disney team up again to retell this classic tale and Johnny Depp stars in it along with Helena Bonham Carter! There is a teaser for this one and it looks soooo good! March 5 2010! And I do believe that's my spring break week, so that's where I'll be!

Iron Man 2--oh yeah! The first one totally kicked a**. My friend actually recommended it and I thought he was just BS-ing me, but no way! It was really good! A little upset that Terrence Howard was replaced with Don Cheadle, nothing against him, I just liked Howard a lot. I thought he and Downey Jr. worked well together with their characters. There is also Scarlett Johansson coming along as a villain. Should be interesting! Comes out May 7 2010!

Shrek Forever After--aka Shrek 4. I found these movies to be pretty funny, especially on the little Disney spoof you can find every now and then. Like in Shrek 2, when "Ariel" washed up to shore! Best of all the same actors return for the characters. I personally like Donkey the best, then Puss, those two are funny! Loved it when they sang Livin La Vida Loca in Shrek 2. Too funny! This movie comes out May 21 2010!

Toy Story 3--yup, I'm a Disney girl! I love Disney movies, especially the classics. Trying to get the DVDs as they release from the vault which is really annoying. But this one looks like it will be good. Not much of a trailer yet, but still the first 2 were good, the 3rd is bound to be the same! The same actors are returning as well from what I heard, all the major players anyway! Apparently the storyline is that Andy dumps the toys at a daycare center while he leaves for college. This is according to the Internet Movie Database website. This is to hit theaters on June 18 2010.

Eclipse--yes unfortunately I'll see this one. I've read the books, they're not too bad and the first movie was good. Plan on seeing the second one later this year. This movie comes out June 30 2010. At least according to the Internet Movie Database website.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1--So far by looking at IMDB most of the characters do return, quite a few, Rita, Fleur, DOBBY! So it should stick to the book! I am looking forward to seeing how they end the series in the movies. Of course there is still Part 2 to see, which comes out July 15 2011. But as for Part 1 that comes out November 19 2010, much like its older movies did in the beginning.

Well that's what I got so far. Sure there are others that are "rumored" to come out in 2010, but there isn't enough info to confirm it.

Other movies that I know about but haven't had much released are ones such as Pirates of the Caribbean 4, yup good ol' Captain Jack is back! Johnny and Geoffrey return in another tale! Also Johnny is supposedly trying to work on a Dark Shadows movie, based on its vampire soap opera from the 60s. And of course others such as Harry Potter 7 part 2, Breaking Dawn come out in 2011. There is also a rumored Underworld 4 where Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman return.

Others that might be more definite, but still have no info at all are: The Historian--a Dracula kind of tale, pretty interesting, a LOT of history and Benighted--where werewolves are the dominant species of the world and humans are like 1%. The first is rumored for 2010 and Benighted is unknown. I mean IMDB says 2009, but I don't see how that's possible.

Also one movie that I am dying to see this year other than New Moon, is Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downing Jr. as Sherlock! That looks friggin funny! That comes out Xmas day this year! There is a preview already for that one.


  1. Really looking forward to Alice in Wonderland. Love Tim Burton movies!! Also looking forward to New Moon and the other Twilight Saga movies and Harry Potter and the DH parts 1&2. Haven't seen the 1st Iron Man yet is it good?
    Would love for there to be a 4th Underworld movie with Selene and Michael! The 3rd movie was ok but I much preferred the the other two.

  2. Yes Iron Man was very good! I'm not much of a comic book person, but I do tend to enjoy the movies! They turn out awesome and Iron Man kicked serious a**! Robert Downing Jr. plays a wonderful character, he's very comical in the movie as well, he and Terrence Howard's character had a good friendship in the movie and the two of them were just too funny!

  3. I'm not really into comics either but my dad and he loves when all these kind of movies comes out! Thanks for the heads up on the movie, I think I will check it out esp as there'll be a 2nd one!


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