Aug 20, 2009

Cover Art--from Rachel Vincent

Rachel Vincent just released her cover for SHIFT the other day and I thought I post it here! Just to give you a look incase you have trouble finding it. The back of the cover cannot be posted yet, for Rachel has not given the okay for that much yet. Also there are PREY spoilers, and you know how I am about spoilers! But I thought I'd let you see the new look of the Shifters series.

This is a different model than the last 3 books, sadly that model moved to CA and the covers are shot in Canada. Oh well. This new girl isn't too far off! Also the famous necklace that you can spot on books 2-4, is not seen here, but there are some pretty wicked leopard print bracelets. Although this model is supposed to be Faythe, the MC, this is sooo not Faythe. Faythe would never willingly put on a dress, nor wear jewelry, but it's still a good image for Faythe.

This is also the first book where we actually have a scenery background, the trees. Very dark, and spooky! Very cool!

Remember this book comes out March 1 2010, but bookstores might have it out earlier than that, so be on the lookout!

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  1. Hi Jessica!

    Thanks for the fabulous review! And GOOD NEWS - that 2011 date is a TYPO!!!!!

    SPY GLASS is coming out next fall 2010!

    Maria V.


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