May 2, 2011

Review--Life of Death by A. P. Fuchs

Now disconnected from their families, Zach and Rose try and make it on their own away from the war between vampire and slayer. But word has been spread to the undead that Zach needs to return to his family otherwise his mother will only make matters worse for him.

Trying to survive together isn’t all it is hoped to be and Zach and Rose must decide if a vampire and human truly can remain together, or if it’s a lost cause and they should accept their fate.

Is love enough?

Before the two can find out, the vampire’s family comes for Zach and Rose, and the two are swept into a nightmare where there will be only one survivor. 

I received this e-novella from the author for review

A.P. Fuchs' Life of Death is the third book in the Blood of my World series and it was very interesting indeed!

It was another well paced read where things seem to fly by, but it is not meant to sound negative! Rose and Zach are on the run from their families, for Zach's vampire family wants something from Rose and will do anything to get to it.

There was quite a shocking revelation announced right away and it was mind-blowing to say the least! The tension is just thick in this novella for Zach and Rose are literally on the run and hiding out when they can.

Life of Death is also a bit more bloodthirsty than the last two. Zach is really getting into the swing of things of being a vampire and that includes bloodlust. Although the term isn't used. It just seems that way from my perspective as I read. We see a lot more of him feeding.

Hand in hand with that, we also see a bit more romantic bonding between Zach and Rose that it still gives the novella some heart. It's not all bloodthirsty. Zach and Rose have a real loving relationship growing between them that stems from their relationship they had when Zach was human.

The ending was quite shocking and equally fast paced. I was eager to finish it all since I had already devoured the first 2 novellas. And what an ending it was! I'm still baffled!

Overall rating 5/5 stars!

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