Mar 10, 2016

HUGE Disney NEWS!!!

OMG!!! Did anyone else know that Disney Channel was making Tangled into a TV show?! How am I only now hearing about this?! This is FREAKING AWESOME!!!! I looooove Tangled, it's among my top favorite Disney movies!

Here are some of the details that I found to be highlights of the article:

1. It takes place after Tangled, but before Tangled Ever After...remember that little short cartoon where Rapunzel and Eugene get married and then Maximus and Pascal lose the ring and start chasing it all over town? Yeah, that one! So this is pre-wedding!

2. The most bizarre of the info, Rapunzel's hair will be this long golden yellow. So like the article says, Disney writers better explain this!!

3. It's going to be the traditional 2D animation versus the CGI look it had in the movie.

4. MANDY MOORE & ZACHARY LEVI are taking over their roles again! YES, we will have the ORIGINAL voices for these beloved characters!!! Since the parents never really spoke but for gasps or screams or laughter, who knows who will voice them. Maximus and Pascal just made animal noises, so there's no worry there either.

5. The BIG when??? Not until 2017. No certain time in 2017 either, so lets all cross our fingers for January!! Or even February or March since we're in March and this is the first time I'm hearing about this, let alone reading the article!

Now if you'd like to read the article in full, you can find it here on Yahoo! Although, that early typo really tripped me up at first! I was trying to figure out if we were using some other lingo, but yeah...definitely rings of typo quality!


  1. oh this is exciting. I am sure my household will be watching this.

  2. I had no idea about this either! So cool!!

  3. Wow!! That is exciting! I hope it will be good.

  4. Didn't they announce a TV show a whole back? It seems like they've changed it a bit because i thought her hair was going to be short.

    I assume you know about the duck tales show too!

  5. Oooh, no way! I had no idea this is happening, I absolutely loved the movie :)


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