Mar 23, 2016

Waiting on Wednesday

I hate waiting...
Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly blog post by Jill over at Breaking the Spine, that spotlights releases we're eagerly awaiting.

For a select group of girls, the Glittering Court offers a shot at a life they’ve only ever dreamed of, one of luxury, glamour, and leisure. To high-born Adelaide, whose wealthy family is forcing her into a loveless marriage, the Glittering Court represents something else: the chance to chart her own destiny, and adventure in an unspoiled, prosperous new land across the sea.

After a chance meeting with the dazzling Cedric Thorn, Adelaide poses as a servant to join the crop of impoverished girls he promises to transform into proper ladies. But her familiarity with upper class life comes with a price: she must hide her identity from her new friends, mysterious refugee Mira and fiery former laundress Tamsin, and most importantly, from Cedric himself—even though she’s falling in love with him.

Everything begins to crumble when Cedric discovers Adelaide’s ruse, and she catches the eye of a powerful young governor, who wants her for a wife. She didn’t leave the gilded cage of her old life behind just to become someone else's property. But nothing is as daunting—or as wonderful—as the potent, forbidden attraction simmering between Adelaide and Cedric. One that, if acted on, would make them both outcasts in a wild, dangerous, uncharted world, and possibly lead them to their deaths.

While I am so excited for a new Richelle Mead book, I will admit to some hesitancy with this one. There's no paranormal or fantasy and has very little of that "weird" or "magical" factor I love in my reads. But since it's Mead, I am willing to try the first book out!

TITLE: The Glittering Court
AUTHOR: Richelle Mead
PUBLISHER: Razorbill
GENRE: Fiction YA--seriously no idea how to genre-ize this! 
RELEASE DATE: April 5, 2016

Lia Nautilus may be a Mermaid but she’s never lived in the ocean. War has ravaged the seven seas ever since the infamous Little Mermaid unleashed a curse that stripped Mer of their immortality. Lia has grown up in a secret community of land-dwelling Mer hidden among Malibu’s seaside mansions. Her biggest problems are surviving P.E. and keeping her feelings for Clay Ericson in check. Sure, he’s gorgeous in that cocky, leather jacket sort of way and makes her feel like there’s a school of fish swimming in her stomach, but getting involved with a human could put Lia's entire community at risk.

So it’s for the best that he’s dating that new girl, right? That is, until Lia finds out she isn't the only one at school keeping a potentially deadly secret. And this new girl? Her eyes are dead set on Clay, who doesn't realize the danger he's in. If Lia hopes to save him, she’ll have to get closer to Clay. Lia’s parents would totally flip if they found out she was falling for a human boy, but the more time she spends with him, the harder it is for her to deny her feelings. After making a horrible mistake, Lia will risk everything to stop Clay from falling in love with the wrong girl.

Mermaid read? Heck yes!!!

TITLE: Emerge
AUTHOR: Tobie Easton
GENRE: Fantasy YA
RELEASE DATE: April 19, 2016



  1. I really liked The Glittering Court. I guess it's like a genre bender of historical fiction and fantasy?
    I haven't heard of Emerge, but it looks amazing!

    Here's my WoW

  2. I am totally excited about The Glittering Court, Mead is one of my favorite authors. This is my first time seeing Emerge, it looks really good.

    My WoW

  3. Hi!I haven't heard of Emerge before, but it sounds pretty good - and I usually don't read mermaid stories. Thank you for sharing it.

    Happy readings! ;)

  4. The Glittering Court is my pick this week too! I am really excited for it :) I have never heard of Emerge, but I hope you like both of these!
    here's my WoW!

  5. YES! Super excited for The Glittering Court! It's been way too long since I've read a Richelle Mead book:)

  6. I've not heard of the Easton book! I really liked The Glittering Court though. I hope you enjoy these books when you read them!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a lovely day. :)

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  7. Both of these look awesome! I'm excited for The Glittering Court too! I hope you get to read these soon!

    Here's my WoW!

  8. I haven't read anything by Richelle Mead. Emerge is new to me, but it sounds really good. I hope you enjoy reading both of your picks this week!
    Thanks for stopping by My WoW earlier.

  9. ♥ Richelle and can't wait for The Glittering Court, hope it lives up to its hype!

    Thanks for stopping by my WoW!

  10. I am excited for Glittering Court as well. Happy reading!

  11. Both sound really good and I can't wait for The Glittering Court. Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog :)

  12. At first glance the emerge cover reminded me of Kiera Cass' Siren cover

  13. My first experience with Richelle Mead's YA was not as great as I'd hoped, but I still want to give The Glittering Court a shot!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  14. I can't wait for The Glittering Court either!! Hope you enjoy it :)

    Joana @ The Boundless Booklist

  15. The Glittering Court is a popular wait. First time I've seen Emerge.
    Hope you enjoy both your choices. Happy Reading!

  16. Already excited for the first one, just now hearing about the 2nd one, and it sounds good! Great picks!
    Check out my WOW

  17. Oh mermaid book! I've yet to read one of those that I absolutely adored so maybe this will be it. You saw my review for Glittering Court and I was disappointed by no magic. Why did I think it had to do with Fae? WHYYY? but overall I did enjoy it.

  18. I'm hoping to start The Glittering Court very soon, though I also have a bit of hesitancy. I've never read a Richelle Mead book before, though I did attempt Soundless and DNF'd it after I realized it just was NOT for me. At all. So I'm hoping this one works better!! :)

  19. Ohhh mermaid!!! And can I say you always pick pretty covers, I love it :D

  20. Wow! Both of these books sound great, especially the first book! Here's my Waiting on Wednesday:

  21. I've been seeing The Glittering Court everywhere! I originally wasn't sure whether to pick it up or not for the same reasons you mentioned, but then decided I'll give it a go because I loved Michelle Read's writing in the books I've read so far in the vampire Academy series. Emerge sounds really interesting too and is on my TBR! I hope you enjoy them :D

    1. Ugh, typos. I clearly need some more coffee, haha. I meant Richelle Mead. Oops!!

  22. Oh Glittering Court sounds like an intense version of The Selection and Emerge like The Siren lol but I am intrigued by both! Specially Emerge... mermaids? oh yeah gimme!

    Nice pics!

  23. I have been hearing so many great things about your first pick! Love the cover of the second one as well. Going to have to add that one to my tbr. Happy Reading!

  24. Love your picks! I've been seeing Glittering Court everywhere and I really really want to pick it up when I can! Both sounds like such good reads :)

  25. I so cannot wait for The Glittering Court. It sounds amazing!

  26. I hope you like The Glittering Court, Jessica. I read it and it was a good read, but I prefer her Vampire and Succubus books!


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