Sep 11, 2021

Back to School Book Tag


So as I was visiting the Discussion Challenge linkup page I saw this fun tag that I don't recall having done before so I thought why not?! I love doing these kinds of challenges! Since it's the back-to-school time this is even more perfect timing for the challenge. 

I borrowed this image from Louise at Monstrumology to go with the tag. She didn't remember who created the tag originally, so I can't credit them either.

name your favorite author's (or book's) writing style

I don't know what style you want to call Stephanie's writing. I feel like that's hard to say about any author, as a reader. I just know I like what I like! Lol. Stephanie's writing has a nice storytelling quality to it. It just flows in that fairytale-esque way.

a book that made you frustrated

I wouldn't say this one frustrated me, but I was a tad confused with it at times. I kept reading because I love Julie's writing. I'll just say this one was more challenging for me than her other books.

a book that made you think

Most thriller/mysteries get me thinking on the whodunit level! I look at everyone as a suspect than try to figure out who's the least likely to be the killer and then declare them the killer! Lol. A good chunk of the time, I'm right!

your favorite book from a different time period

That's definitely The Count of Monte Cristo! I know, you'd think it'd be Dracula, but I think I liked the revenge plot just a bit more. He played the long game with his enemies and I relished how he exacted vengeance!

your favorite book with pictures

My first novel turned graphic novel is still probably my favorite! I loved the illustrations in this one!

a book you would love to turn into a movie

I mean, obviously! Don't ask me to cast anyone though. I'm terrible at that game. I'd say new and upcoming actors/actresses that way I can go in totally unbiased! Lol.

name a character you think (or know) would have the same musical taste as you

I honestly can't remember what bands or music was mentioned in this one. I feel like there might have been someone mentioned in it...but yeah. Drawing a blank. Still I feel like I would like the same music as Ava!

a food you would love to try

Well, since I technically did try them already, I'm going with them again as I can't recall a "new-to-me" food from a book that made me think yum! Lol. So since this story occurs in NOLA, I'm going with beignets as those were amazing! 

a book or author that is relaxing

Honestly, so many titles could fit this one! I went with my first love though. The book that started it all for me. One I read while I was in school even!

a book someone else told you to read and you ended up enjoying it

I thought of this one as it's the one that brought me back to YA when at the time I felt like there was only contemporaries to read, so I left for "adult" books. Then some friends in a discussion board chat room told me to give this one a try, so I did, and I LOVED it!

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