Sep 16, 2021

Random Thursday

Time for some movie fun with True Facts That Sound Like Bull$#*t by Shane Carley in the Pop Culture chapter! Looks like we got some movie related facts coming up!


(image borrowed from Insider)

The injuries on Mark Hamill's face during the snow monster attack in The Empire Strikes Back were real injuries. Hamill had gotten into a car accident and severely inured his face. Instead of dealing filming, George Lucas just worked it into the film.

I couldn't find a good picture that showed his injuries, but this one was close enough. The lighting just wasn't so hot.

(image borrowed from Mean Girls Wiki)

Amy Poehler played Rachel McAdams' mom in Mean Girls, despite the fact that she was only seven years older than Rachel.

(image borrowed from Harsiman Julka)

The Bollywood movie industry produces more movies than Hollywood each year. Bollywood produces upwards of 1,000 movies per year, although they don't receive the same amount of acclaim as Hollywood movies.

I admit, I know very little about Bollywood. It's amazing that they make SO many movies each year. 

(image borrowed from Wikipedia)

2006's Casino Royale was the first James Bond movie that could be watched in China. It was the first of the film franchise to be approved by the Chinese censor board.

Whoa. I mean, that's a lot of other James Bond movies that weren't approved!

(image borrowed from NBC News)

The first interracial kiss on television happened in Star Trek. The network originally didn't want to air it, but William Shatner sabotaged all of the other shoots and forced the network to run the kiss!

Ha! That makes me laugh! Shatner basically forced them to air it! Good for him!

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