Oct 5, 2015

ARC Review--A Sky Unbroken by Megan Crewe

The rebels have been disbanded, their plans ruined. Betrayed by those she trusted most, Skylar finds herself herded, along with a small group of Earthlings, into a living museum—a human zoo—on the Kemyates’ space station, subject to her captors’ every whim. Any move Skylar makes could result in the extinction of her people—but giving in means losing any hope of freedom.

Meanwhile, Win returns home and evades punishment by pretending to be loyal to Kemya. But he can’t bear knowing that Skylar is imprisoned or watch his fellow Kemyates swallow the Council’s lies about Earth. He must bring the truth to the Kemyate public and see the Earthlings freed—even if it means openly challenging his world’s rulers.

In this final book of the action-packed Earth & Sky trilogy, neither Skylar nor Win knows they are about to uncover an even deeper conspiracy—one that could push the future they’re fighting for completely out of reach.

I received this eARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review, I was in no way compensated for this review.

A Sky Unbroken brings Megan Crewe's thrilling futuristic trilogy to a close, and I must say despite the bumpy ride, it was pretty enjoyable.

I guess my first complaint off the back is that the book picks up right where we left off, and I don't know about you, but I haven't read The Clouded Sky in several months. So my memory of what happened was pretty much nil. So diving right back into the story with little to no recap of events had me staggering for pages! I was left scrambling to figure out why Skylar was in a dark room somewhere and Win was facing his own punishments. Add to that, Skylar's early chapters are told through her drug induced state, that really just made it all the worse! If the narrator is confused, how can I follow along without more confusion?

Well, that was the case for the first few chapters. I'd like to say my memory came back as the chapters came along, but it barely did. I could only recall a few scant events that happened towards the end. But with that, I was recalled to the heartbreak that I felt by Jule's betrayal. I really liked Jule! I was Team Jule for Pete's sake! And then he went and betrayed them all to help his family, who are really an inconsiderate and ignorant bunch, his father at least. So yeah, his betrayal stung. And I could get why Skylar struggled to forgive him. I knew any romance between them was dead, on her end. So alas, she must turn back to her first pick.

That's how it felt to me anyway. I'm kind of going out of order in my usual way of reviews, so bare with me! We're onto romance, in case you missed my segue! We knew Win has had feelings for Skylar for awhile now. Sure, the first kiss in book 1 was more experimental than based on feelings, but I think we could see his feelings were true in book 2 when Skylar was all over Jule. Skylar though has complicated feelings. I want to get into this, I really do. I just deleted a nice little ranting paragraph, but I felt like that it got close to spoiler territory. Basically my feelings on this are that I am not happy with Skylar's behavior. I wish I could say more, but again, it touches the boundaries of spoilers.

Basically, we know this. Earth is gone. Forever. Just a blip and everything Skylar knew is gone forever. We learn quickly that a handful of humans were saved and they, with Skylar, are placed in the "human zoo" the Kemyates have on their ship. Win, along with his fellow Earth sympathizer friends work to free them. They believe Earthlings should be treated equally as Kemyates.

Then the plot moves into political territory and a sort of human rights movement. But things got a little more complicated than that when you throw in secret after secret that the higher ups in power have been keeping. I was at loss for what it all meant. Basically, all I could take away from it was what I've always known. The Kemyates, and now the Earthlings, need a new place to call home. And the higher ups are basically trying to delay finding said home for whatever purpose I couldn't be clear of.

In short, I was very confused and conflicted over the last half of this book. The first two books were really good. I was entertained and intrigued. But just past halfway through this one and I quickly lost all those feelings and was left with confusion. Just plain old confusion that only got deeper as the pages went along.

The ending though, does wrap things up nicely in a way. We can imagine a bright and happy future, filled with possibilities for the characters. Though some questions, ones I can't really delve into for spoiler reasons, remain unanswered.

Still, it was a decent trilogy that was enjoyable to read. Perhaps, I would've enjoyed it and understood things better had I done a binge read. I highly recommend binging the trilogy to avoid confusion between novels as they seem to read better as one long stream other than one with two breaks.

Overall Rating 3/5 stars

A Sky Unbroken releases October 13, 2015


  1. Oh I hate when there's no recap! I do like when a book picks up right where it left off, but I need some hints threaded through so I can remember what's going on. I'm too lazy to reread every previous book before starting the next installment in a series ;-) Glad it was a solid read overall though!

  2. Glad you enjoyed, but yeah I like a bit of a recap as well.

  3. Oh man, I hate it when there isn't any recap! It always takes so much away from the book. I'm too busy trying to remember what happened last time, and I don't pay enough attention to what is happening right then. The cover is gorgeous though!

    Kristen @ One Chapter Ahead

  4. It sort of reminds me of a Planet Ape type storyline with the humans being slaves to their will. I'm glad it picked up at the end for you and made a good conclusion to the trilogy overall.


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