Oct 16, 2015

Follow Friday

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This week's question is: Name a book you hated. – Bookish Findings

MY ANSWER: Well since I answered the wrong question last week, I track back to everyone else's last week question! LOL.

Like many have you said, I don't like saying I "hated" a book. I don't really "hate" books. I might dislike a lot of things about them ranging from all varieties of topics, but I yeah, I can't hate a book.

But I guess one book I rather disliked was one I had to read in college, it was Mumbo Jumbo by Ishmael Reed.

It was harder for me to think of a more recent title or you know, one from 5 years ago. I remember not really caring for many books I was forced to read in school, but this one was probably the worst. And it may have even been a DNF one (don't tell my professor)! LOL. Yeah, it was just so weird. And I've read weird books but this one was beyond me. It was hard to understand some of the prose and such. And I remember where I quit even...sorta, the actual chapter number eludes me, but I quit right when I read chapter 65 and then the next chapter was 65?!!! Totally confused me! And again, the number might not be correct, but it's basically whatever chapter number it was, got repeated. And at that point, I was done!

I even remember when we came back to class to discuss however far we had read, one student was also struggling with the book and threw it across the room! LOL. Yeah...I was tempted to do that. But I either had borrowed mine from the library and couldn't do that. Or I did buy it and thought that throwing it would damage its resale value! LOL!

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