Jul 21, 2016

Random Thursday

Okay, now onto some facts about Sleeping Beauty! Another of my favorite Disney movies up until Beauty and the Beast of course! LOL! Again, all these facts have come from past Disney desk calendar pages. Sadly, these things didn't really print years on all the pages!

"This was the last Disney feature film produced with cels that were hand inked. Starting with One Hundred and One Dalmatians, a xerographic camera took over that job."

I feel like I noticed this as a kid. Granted, I had no idea hat I was noticing. But just that change in animation kind of stood out to me even back then!

"The image of a prince and princess dancing in the clouds was a favorite idea of Walt Disney. It was considered for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella, but finally used for the finale of this film."

Hopefully you can see the picture of this one! I always loved watching them dance in the clouds myself!

"There's a 'Hidden Mickey' in this film that may be intentional but probably merely coincidental: The cookies that Merryweather conjures up with her tear appear to be in the shape of three familiar circles that make up Mickey Mouse's face."

I think it was later on that I caught this! Really, I think it was this calendar page that pointed it out! LOL! Think I noted that this fact came from 2005!


  1. I didn't realize Sleeping Beauty was the last hand inked one, too cool!

  2. Do you have this one for blu ray? Iy is STUNNING.

  3. Do you have this one for blu ray? Iy is STUNNING.

  4. That's such a cool fact! And what tedious and amazing work must have gone into Sleeping beauty! ...Also I love the dancing in the clouds!

    Emily @Reader Rising


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