Jul 28, 2016

Random Thursday

Time for another round of factoids regarding Disney's Sleeping Beauty! Again, all these factoids are from past Disney desk calendar pages that I saved when I was younger. I was a bit of a geek back then...a different kind of geek...a geek with different quirks!

"This was the first Disney animated feature to be produced in 70mm widescreen format."

That's interesting!

"Walt Disney's personal nickname for Mary Costa, the voice of Princess Aurora, was 'little bird'."

"Aurora holds the distinction of being the first of the Disney animated princesses to wear a royal crown."

I totally see that now!

"Aurora's original character design was modeled after screen beauty Audrey Hepburn."

With these pictures, I can totally see it!


  1. Now I know more about Princess Aurora!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love these random Disney posts that you do! I didn't know that Aurora was the first princess to wear a crown! Thanks for sharing :D

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds

  3. audrey hepburn huh. wouldn't have guess but yes I totally see it now. what is 70mm widescreen format lol.

  4. Mary Costa looks beautiful.



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