Sep 7, 2016

ARC Review--Forged in Fire by Alyssa Rose Ivy

A love more powerful than any other, and a darkness intent on destroying it.

James and Ainsley are desperate. As darkness nearly consumes James,

their only chance is to trust people who may be foes, and hope their love is strong enough to save them all.

I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way compensated for this review.

Forged in Fire continues James and Ainsley’s story in The Forged Chronicles by Alyssa Rose Ivy! By now, you all know how much of a fan I am of Alyssa’s Chronicles books! They’re so amazingly good that I can’t always talk coherently about them! New Adult is still one of those up and rising genres that everyone talks about and what makes Alyssa’s Chronicles books so awesome is that they’re paranormal related and you all know without a doubt I am a huge paranormal fan!

While you don’t ever really have to read each series in the order that they release, you do need to read the series themselves in order. For instance, you could started with The Forged Chronicles and then go to The Dire Wolves Chronicles and backtrack to the The Flight Chronicles, should you so choose to. But as always I will advise on reading the series themselves in the order that they release because sometimes there are those little details that come about in the current series that might lead to a spoiler about a previous one. So just keep that in mind!

Now onto Forged in Fire! We pick up where we left Ainsley and James, which naturally was in dire straits! Ainsley had been thrown into a frozen lake by Gregor and James had done the unthinkable and accepted his dead father’s help. Yeah, people rarely ever stay dead in paranormals which is why I have become a skeptic every time someone dies! LOL! We basically see that all is well—for the moment—with Ainsley and James, but it’s not long at all before the you-know-what hits the fan!

We get a lot of surprises in this one! In that I mean, a lot of details about this and that are revealed that are pretty shocking! I can’t wait to see what this will mean for our characters in the finale that is upcoming!

Perhaps the saddest thing about this one was how James and Ainsley are separated for a great deal of time. James fears that by allowing his father to take residence in his body, which is sort of complicated to explain because it doesn’t really feel like an all-out ghostly possession, but still a possession of sorts, that he may lose control over himself and Ainsley could get hurt so he sends her back to Charlotte and to find Talen to help her there. Ainsley’s journey is quickly waylaid by an elf named Elron, who might just be the person she needs to get help from.

From there, things get complicated as we start looking at things in a different light and basically getting my every excited about seeing how this one will wrap up. If you’ve been following the series so far, you know that Ainsley is still poisoned and needs James in order to survive. Should they go too long without being together, things will get bad real fast.

There’s a great deal of tension in this one. The suspenseful kind, mind you. There’s so much I feel like we don’t quite know. Mostly in regard to James’ father. Though through him, James does learn things about his father with his memories. It leads to interesting developments that might help form the bigger picture once the end is near, which will be the next book!

I’ve mentioned Alyssa numerous times by now, I’m sure, but if you haven’t read her books yet you should! They are just fantastic New Adult reads! I haven’t read many New Adult books, besides a few others than hers, but I must say hers are pretty much my favorite that I come back to again and again! And if paranormal/fantasy (for this particular series) isn’t quite your thing, she does have a few contemporary New Adult series you can check out too! Forged in Fire was mind-blowingly awesome and I am most eager to seeing how things will wrap up for James and Ainsley! Join me in this torturous wait so I don’t have to suffer alone! ;)

Overall Rating 5/5 stars



  1. Paranormal and New Adult sounds great to me. I will have to check out this author. Great review!

  2. Wow! It sounds like James and Ainsley go on quite the journey in this one! And you're right, paranormals don't always stay dead! Great review!


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