Sep 22, 2016

Random Thursday

Alright! Time to learn those last 5 factoids about Beauty and the Beast! And don't forget that Beauty and the Beast released from the vault THIS WEEK!! GET IT NOW if you haven't already or need it!! This happens like once every 7 years (according to something I read online; all our favorite Disney movies pretty much, all those classics, come out of the vault like every 7 years to allow "new" generations to enjoy them...and to allow old and already in love generations to SUFFER if something happened to their copy while their back was turned!!!)!

End of rambling there. LOL. But yes, it's out!! GET IT WHILE IT'S OUT!!! :D Planning on having kids in the next 5 years? BUY IT NOW!!! In case it's a girl and you need to get her hooked on Belle now! Heck you don't even need the kids excuse! Lol! Speaking as a Disney fanatic I give you all permission to BUY this one for no reason whatsoever! 

Okay, end of rambling for real this time!

I present to you...your dinner! Lol! But really, the last 5 factoids of 10 Fascinating Revelations about Beauty and the Beast, 25 Years Late by Jessica Radloff.

And here is your link for full details!

The Beast's Real Name

So the rumor is that his real name is Adam. It's not. Apparently he's nameless just like we always thought. The creators never thought there would be a sequel where he was human (though I still don't think they breathed a name in that Enchanted Christmas). So fans came up with the name Adam. What's scary is how well that suck! I SWEAR TO GOD that I once saw this multi-doll pack at a Toys R Us outlet that had like three Disney couples in their wedding finery and they listed all the names of them, in case you didn't know already! And the one with Princess Belle paired her with Prince Adam! So what the heck?

The Question that's Never Been Asked

Apparently it was asking Robbie Benson, "How did you warm up to get into his head space as soon as you stepped into the booth?" Robbie mentions that it's about warming up, he would do vocal warmups that he did when singing on Broadway.

Where the Beast Would Be Today

Benson says that if it were his sequel "he would never be a prince because there was real life. Belle kissed him to keep him alive. What if he doesn't turn into a prince? What's life like then?"

Chip was Originally a One-Line Character

Initially Chip was to be a one-liner but they later decided they needed a way for kids to connect with the movie better. So Chip became more of a child trapped in a tea cup's body! (lol)

Silencing the Roar

Robbie was apparently asked many times over to do his roar for fans. But after scaring one too many babies (I assume), he decided to give fans another line instead!

There you go! And don't forget Beauty and the Beast released from that dreaded vault THIS WEEK, so buy buy buy!! If you haven't already. I mean it is Thursday! LOL!

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  1. Gosh I love this movie! I grabbed my copy ASAP! Love your facts.


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