Sep 21, 2016

ARC Review--The Immortal Throne by Bree Despain

In the final installment of the Into the Dark trilogy, Haden and Daphne are stuck in separate realms, racing time to save each other and fulfill their destinies before the monstrous Keres destroys everything they know.

I received this eARC from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. I was in no way compensated for this review.

You guys cannot believe how happy I am that this book exists!! When Egmont USA closed their doors, I felt sadness all around! For all the authors, all the books, but what came to my mind first among all these, was Bree Despain's Into the Dark trilogy! I had read The Eternity Key as an ARC and was left shrieking at its ending and then I was shrieking again when I heard the Egmont news. I was once again thrust into the terrible bubble where I am left in a world where yet another series is left hanging with no finale in sight. But thankfully, the story ends happily--the one where we get The Immortal Throne!!! HURRAH!!

I only had the vaguest recollection of what had happened last go around since I read that one early too, but even the vagueness is better than nothing! I felt so passionate about this series because I've adored mythology ever since my unit of it in seventh grade. We won't say what year that is, but's been awhile! LOL! And I pretty much loved this series since its first book! With the first cover too! LOL! Sorry, I'm giddy with happiness over this book! Its existence and, its ending! It was perfect!!

We once again get multiple points of view, which I am always up for because I love getting inside the different character's heads. The short recap of things is that Daphne is Garrick's prisoner and he's now the ruler of the Underrealm while Haden has been banished back to earth and is still poisoned, if he doesn't get Daphne's kiss of true love, he'll die. So things are pretty intense and the poison is reacting faster in Haden and is basically killing him all the faster. Daphne must figure out a way to find the Key that she lost earlier and in order to do that she has to get Garrick to let her out of her prison room.

And so begins the intense adventure! It's very intense because we know that Haden's time is limited. If it wasn't for Jonathan, he would be in worse shape. And of course, there's all his and Daphne's friends as well! They are such a widespread group! I love them all!! Though the time away did make it hard for me to remember all of them and their stories, but I knew that I loved them all, and really it was like getting to know them all over again!

Not only are we pining away for Daphne and Haden to reunite, but there's also the very real danger that Garrick represents. When the shocking reveal of his character came about at the end I was left shocked and stunned! The shocks and chills only continue as more of his character is revealed! He is one baddie!!

There was also a new character added to the throng and I must say I was quite surprised by this one! It was a sentient Shade! I mean I remember the Shades being like uber zombies, but this one was quite cognizant! And quite a catch in the scheme of things, I'm not saying that like a love interest thing, but just that I was expecting a Shade to be quite so human like when Daphne encountered him. And That's all I shall say on the matter!

I think one of my very few complaints was that Daphne and Haden were separated for so long! I mean, I get it in a sense, they're struggling to find each other again and then you know, save the world and such. But agh! It killed me to see them apart for so long! And to think, I was never much for romance until I started reading more and more!

The ending was quite good here too! Phenomenal even! It's the kind of ending that always makes me happy to see at the end of a series! It's one where you get a nice conclusion and yet, you feel like the characters will still be having their adventures and whatnot after the last page is turned. Sure, I'm saddened by the fact that I won't be there for those adventures, but I always kind of love knowing they are going in the right direction, the direction they want to be in and such.

The Immortal Throne is an incredibly fantastic read that was everything I could have hoped for and more! I loved seeing where all the characters ended, both good and bad. It's the most perfectly right way to end an amazing series! I am so thrilled to have been apart of reading this one and so unbelievably thrilled that this book is in the world!! If you're a fan of the Greek myths and retellings, then I highly HIGHLY recommend reading this one! It's got a different spin to things and isn't your straight up retelling. It kind of stands on its own in the retelling world, which makes it all the more beautiful!

Overall Rating 5/5 stars

The Immortal Throne releases October 1, 2016

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